What’s New in CareSmartz360 – November 2021!

CareSmartz360 Rolls Out New Updates in November 2021

At CareSmartz360, we’re always working to improve our product and offer new features that benefit our customers. This month we’ve introduced a few significant changes to our web and mobile app.

We started our month with the launch of our new Custom Forms, which enables home care agencies to collect data and automate processes in minutes without help from engineering or IT!

Other latest updates this month are made with the requirements and experience of clients in mind. This blog post summarizes all of CareSmartz360’s recent updates. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Introducing Custom Forms for Simplified Data Collection!

CareSmartz360 now gives anyone in your home care agency the ability to choose from a range of built-in forms or quickly create their own no-code, client-specific online forms.

Here are an online form builder features that make your life easy:

  • A user-friendly, drag-and-drop builder to create client assessments and any other forms which an agency uses for their clients.
  • All of these forms auto-populate with information from the client or caregiver profile, saving you a lot of time.
  • Customize user permissions for clutter-free management experience and to minimize errors.
  • Without losing data from the previous client assessments, set the active form as the default for all future assessments.
  • E-sign forms using a mouse pointer or your finger on a touch-enabled device.

Simply customize your theme, drag and drop a few fields, and even add conditional logic to make your forms smarter, and you’ll have a great-looking form that securely stores all types of data in no time.

Custom Forms for Simplified Data Collection

Launching Russian and French Language Support in the CareSmartz360+ Caregiver App

With the introduction of 2 new languages – Russian and French, our Caregiver Mobile App is now equipped to use in 7 languages. The multi-lingual assistance makes it easier for caregivers to work effortlessly without any language barriers and feel cared for by their agency. Home care agencies can thus:

  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Boost caregiver efficiency
  • Reduce the likelihood of caregiver turnover
  • Improve communication with caregivers, and
  • Enhance the caregiver experience by enabling them to do everything crucial in their preferred language

Know more about CareSmartz360+ advanced solution to the language barrier.

Multi-lingual CareSmartz360 Caregiver app

CareBridge Integration in Arkansas

Caresmartz360 is now integrated with CareBridge in the state of Arkansas. This means that home care agencies in Arkansas can now use CareSmartz360’s Electronic Visit Verification Solution to operate more efficiently and,

  • Obtain credible proof of your visit.
  • Stay compliant and eliminate Medicaid reductions.
  • Capture IVR (telephony) or GPS-enabled time verification.
  • Create and receive schedule updates in real-time.
  • Categorize and analyze visit data with advanced reporting.
  • Form secure communication between caregivers and the agency.

Here’s your go-to EVV resource for more information.

Here’s What’s InThe Pipeline

We’ll keep working toward our goal of bringing features and updates that benefit our home care clients in the future. Here’s what’s coming up in the coming months:

  • Significant additions to our AI Hub to help home care businesses grow and stabilize growth

Are you interested in giving CareSmartz360 a try for your home care business? Contact our team of experts or request a FREE demo session today!

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