All New Custom Reports for Smart Home Care Business Insights!

New Custom Reports for Smart Home Care Business Insights

“82% of all users surveyed by Hanover consider analytics to be extremely significant to making sound decisions in their current role.”

However, home care agency owners and administrators are often so busy with the day-to-day demands of running a business that they struggle to find time to examine their data.

As someone in a decision-making role, do you also wish to automatically pull reports for delivering quality care and making revenue-generating decisions?

Remember, merely exporting reports of all the various processes is not enough! At times, even after looking at the reports, home care businesses fail to:

  • Envision the trends.
  • Flag important issues.
  • Identify risks and problems.
  • Export & present the reports in the desired format.

That’s why we’ve integrated a powerful reporting tool with CareSmartz360’s home care reporting system to empower your business to derive practical business insights and build simple, comprehensive and easy to represent reporting.

Introducing Custom Home Care Reports and Personalized Dashboards

Custom Report Feature

CareSmartz360 is pleased to announce the launch of our all-new robust Custom Reports and personalized Dashboards for every aspect of your Home Care Business!

The upgraded reporting feature will allow you to create more accurate reports significantly faster, and expand the possibilities of your reporting by pulling in even more data from the platform.

It will further give you more flexibility to efficiently identify key trends, flag critical issues, predict cost-savings, manage staffing needs, and ultimately make informed decisions and deliver better care.

This home care reporting solution allows CareSmartz360 to deliver a user experience that enables agencies to generate reports that fit their needs.

  • Real Time Self-Service Analytics: Get intelligent business insights into your agency operations (from HR to Billing & Payroll) and optimize them for superior care delivery and outcomes.
  • Generate Robust Customized Reports: Create reports that can be customized to the format of your choice as per your business needs. Save these reports and share them with clients or users by exporting them as a PDF, CSV etc.
  • Ensure Data Confidentiality: Set access rights to control who can see your report and what level of access they are required.
  • Highly Personalized Dashboard: Save time by keeping track of important information by accessing a comprehensive view of business metrics at a glance without having to toggle between multiple screens.
  • Save Time & Eliminate Paperwork: Eliminate the need for manual reporting and paper management.

Continue Working Smarter

We have opened up a whole new realm of Custom Reporting today, bringing us closer to providing you with a truly unified solution for everything Home Care.

Whether you’re using reports to maintain the productivity of your caregivers/staff or deliver quality care, CareSmartz360’s Custom Reports empower your home care business to make better-informed decisions.

If you are looking forward to a better learning curve by deriving business-relevant insights, Contact Us or Schedule a Demo!

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