Industry Leading Home Care App for On-Call Coordinators

Industry Leading Home Care App for On-Call Coordinators

In the home care industry, new client inquiries and intakes, caregiver callouts, and family member communications aren’t something that happen once in a while; they happen 24×7.

What if you could access critical data to manage these inquiries easily from anywhere, at any time, with no workflow gaps?

If this question excites you, the answer will blow your mind! Dive in.

We are proud to launch one of its kind, the CareSmartz360 Agency App, crafted exclusively for home care office staff for managing business information, operations and processes on the go.

Best All-In-One App to Stay Productive on the Go

We understand your pains as a home care business owner. Documenting everything on paper and relying on paper solutions to run your operations is a hassle. Not only this, a home care business requires eyes on all its activities without disrupting workflow, which is why we created the Agency App to address your biggest frustrations as a home care agency.

Our best-in-class Android and iOS apps bring the power of CareSmartz360, a leading home care software solution, to the palm of your hand.

It’s a fast, user-friendly mobile app that enables home care office staff to efficiently manage operations and increase service levels for caregivers, clients, family members and referral sources.

Simplified Like Never Before

As a home care business owner, many of your problems can stem from a lack of good information management. Missing caregiver information, poor communication, and incomplete calendars lead to big-time troubles in all business operations.

CareSmartz360’s Agency App comes to the rescue here in replacing these problems with an efficient work system.

  • Empower your office staff to become true caregiver professionals by efficiently managing, monitoring, and resolving care issues in real time.
  • Beyond simplifying & speeding up workflows, the Agency App offers timely scheduling updates and real-time communication.

The objective here is not only to arrange your caregiver’s visits but to ensure that they’re doing their job effectively.

The Agency App helps you stay organized by letting you quickly access information and manage schedules easily. Thanks to its easy usability, even non-tech-savvy users can navigate it smoothly!

Less Time Managing, More Time Doing

Imagine missing out on an essential piece of information due to an overflow of paper documents or lack of organization. Blunders like these are common when there is the absence of a proper setup.

The Agency App is your one-of-a-kind dashboard with a single view of all your clients and caregivers.

The app facilitates communication between office staff, clients and their families, responses to real-time events, and planning for future tasks. Using the CareSmartz360 Agency App, office staff can also review and manage individual caregiver shifts, performing all needed actions at once.

Smooth and Streamlined On-the-Go

Miscommunication is unavoidable in today’s fast-paced business environments. It finds a way for itself, especially when there are a lot of people and responsibilities involved. That’s when a cutting-edge all-in-one solution can save the day.

Business today is all about convenience, but this is only achievable when the right tools are available. Our Agency App for Home Care Businesses is a user-oriented, intelligently designed app to provide you with maximum efficiency.

Caregivers love this app because it helps them become more efficient with quick updates from agencies and can give them a competitive edge. Managers love it because it gives them the ability to:

  • Have more control over business activities.
  • Organize daily tasks on-the-go.
  • Simplify caregiver management.
  • Access and manage schedules in real-time.
  • Communicate in real-time with caregivers.

Regardless of the size of your agency or the type of service offered, it can help automate time-consuming administrative tasks. With our Agency App, you have peace of mind knowing that your clients are being cared for and managed by the best-qualified home care staff, even when you are away from the office.

Ready to see CareSmartz360’s Agency App in action? Contact Us. We look forward to showing you how this powerful app can run your home care business on-the-go!

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