Start Making Smarter, Data-backed Decisions this Year!

This Year Start Making Smarter & Data-backed Decisions

Leaping over the competition is as simple as making data-driven decision-making a central tenet of all your business practices. The 21st century has given businesses the luxury to not only rely on data but dissect, analyze, and retrieve information from it that can be crucial for long-term success.

Data-based decision-making is a strategy that utilizes the collection and analysis of information to make decisions. It ensures your business is open to and aware of a plethora of potentialities, which can make it more adaptable to ever-changing commercial landscapes with minimal crippling setbacks.

Let us look at how you can use data to make smarter and better decisions for your home care business.

Comprehensive Custom Reporting on the go

Reports are an excellent tool to identify and analyze recorded data as they show key performance indicators for your home care agency. Reporting can level up your decision-making by a lot, whether it is information on financial data or insights into day-to-day metrics.

CareSmartz360 offers you a hassle-free report generation experience that can give you an upper hand with data. The reports module serves your home care business in the following ways:

  • Get real time self-service analytics into all your agency operations and ensure superior care delivery and outcomes.
  • Operational information such as marketing leads, family caregiver pay rates, and inventory is available in separate reports.
  • Accounting records feed directly into reports so that invoice summaries, client-specific payments, and commission calculations are only a click away.
  • To help you find reports quickly, we have included a Recent Reports page. You can set up daily, weekly, or monthly email alerts to make sure you never miss an important report.
  • Create, save & share reports with users by exporting them as a PDF, CSV etc.
  • Set access rights to ensure data confidentiality.


With an entire host of customizable reports available, including financials and marketing data, home care management software helps your business to soar high!

Custom Forms – Personalized and Powerful

Do you ever wish to bring in more personalization to reporting and forms without any additional effort of relying on an IT specialist? If yes, custom forms are what you have been looking for!

The CareSmartz360 Custom Forms module takes all the tedious data entry, printing, scanning, and lugging paper records out of the equation and replaces it with customized forms generated in minutes!

Here’s how custom forms can leverage your business practices:

  • Intuitive and easy to use HIPAA-compliant forms
  • Choose a built-in form or use a drag & drop form creation
  • Minimize errors by configuring access permissions
  • Information in client or caregiver profile auto-populates to all these forms
  • Use the active form as a default for all your future assessments
  • Generate client reports that include even more data


As a decision-maker, imagine the relief of creating the most practical client assessment reports that not only aid in decision making but also allow you more freedom to flag key concerns, forecast cost savings, and so on with no additional hassle.

Financial Reporting for Smart Money Managing

As per reports, 90 percent of accountants believe that cloud accounting and digital business operations will be a critical differentiator soon. So many of your business decisions depend on your finances and accounting, which is why it is a hazard to get them wrong.

Trust CareSmartz360’s account reporting module which has a comprehensive accounting module that provides all the essential reports to keep your business running smoothly. It includes:

  • Cash balance
  • Revenue
  • Expense details
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Customer statements and more


You can see exactly how much revenue you are generating, margins per client, expense details, and invoice adjustments in one dashboard. CareSmartz360 gives you the tools and custom reports that allow you to manage your money and financials effectively.

Make Smarter Decisions

CareSmartz360’s reporting and data collection feature lets you see how your business is performing in all areas empowering better decisions and outcomes. Utilize the reports to surface the trends and numbers that are most pertinent to your business right now.

Elevate your decision-making today! Request a demo.

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