Elevate your Home Care Billing and Payroll Processes with CareSmartz360

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With so many people and operations involved, you can’t afford to get your finances wrong. However, to ensure accuracy, a home care biller does not have the luxury to spend hours sorting through documents doing countless calculations to get the billing and payroll correct and on time.

CareSmartz360 home care software brings an automated payment and payroll management system that reduces processing time by 85%.

Take a closer look at how CareSmartz360 can leverage your finances with zero hassle.

Smarter, Faster, and Efficient

The CareSmartz360 billing and invoicing system are designed to reduce redundancy and inaccuracy. It offers a one-dashboard view for all payment-related functions, so you can quickly get the accounting information that is error-free and contains everything that you require.

It also supports various rates, third-party payers, and billing rules to offer you a lot more flexibility and ease in a single platform. The billing process in CareSmartz360 is designed to be flexible to accommodate the personalized needs of the billers.

The home care billing module features a multi-level organizational structure, regional and administrative reporting options, the ability to manage subsequent billing cycles with billable events, multi-language support, and more.

Streamlined Payments

CareSmartz360 streamlines your entire payment system for you. Whether a third-party payer is paying for the client or there is any additional payer, the home care billing software determines everything for you in a single place.

It helps speed up your payment process by the following.

  • Making and receiving payments in a more efficient manner
  • Third-party connections and systems, such as QuickBooks, are supported
  • Format of invoice based on payment requirements
  • Invoice automation and tracking
  • Split bills for two separate payers

Flexible billing options allow you to perform all of your billing procedures from a single screen for the most efficient processing. Intuitive prompts make it simple to learn, even for first-time users.

Payments Tailored to your Business

CareSmartz360 offers customized and unique billing and payroll system that minimizes efforts and time on your end. Billers can designate and process payments once the shifts are done.

Additionally, the payroll systems can be customized, and any other generated expenses can be added to the payroll. On the whole, CareSmartz360 is a faster and customized way to get paid and make payments.

This is how CareSmartz360 can upgrade your payroll system entirely.

  • Electronic billing, claim submissions, and payment all in one place
  • Quick access to the payment module
  • Automated task input for repetitive tasks
  • Facilitate Medicaid and Medicare billing


With personalized tools to view, address, and resolve issues around billing, you’ll gain even more control with CareSmartz360. The home care agency billing software process is flexible and includes customizable templates for care plans, reminders, reports, and multi-payment options. All these capabilities can enable your billers to put together bills easily.

CareSmartz360 is an ideal solution for home care agencies to reduce complexity and bring in much-needed order and ease of use. Billers and home care businesses can quickly navigate their finances without driving their heads into paper documentation and lengthy processes.

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