CareSmartz360 Introduces Major Software Updates to Level Up the Home Care Industry

Home Care Software June Update 2022

Home care agencies have the difficult task of trying to stay on top of everything to do their business. Agencies work hard to provide the best care, recruit enough staff, and be ready for inspections.

One way for agencies to manage their time better is by investing in a home care management software that promises to improve client outcomes. While different home care management software systems promise different capabilities, agencies must look for a tool that will help them grow and deliver high-quality home care.

One such promising software is CareSmartz360, an advanced home care software with many features and benefits to take the home care industry to the next level. Our mission is to replace outdated methods and solutions with a modern home care software platform that fosters home care agency growth and makes data-driven decisions to improve clinical outcomes.

CareSmartz360’s recent product update aims to bring better functionality and ease of use for both the agencies and caregivers. CareSmartz360’s June 2022 product release brings some exciting updates that will enhance the software performance. Below is a brief look at what can be expected out of this release:

Easy Scheduling:

CareSmartz360 takes pride in making scheduling easy and has a color-coded calendar view to give you a fast update on the status of the shift. The cloud-based home care softwareaims to cut scheduling time by 70%.

The June 2022 release helps simplify scheduling- all thanks to the following updates:

  1. Caregivers can add breaks while creating a schedule through the schedule creation window, especially if they are pre-planned.
  2. Caregivers can edit Notes from the Notes section on the Schedule window.
  3. Users will be able to view canceled schedules and see schedules with the status ‘Canceled by Client,’ ‘Canceled by Caregiver,’ ‘Caregiver No Show,’ and ‘Unapproved.’
  4. Previously, our system alerted the agency if the caregiver was running late for clock-in. The new update provides a separate configuration for Running Late Notifications for Clock-in and Clock-out.

These product upgrades will help save a lot of time and make scheduling quicker.

Efficient Time-tracking:

CareSmartz360 has an in-built Electronic Visit Verification Software that lets agencies verify which caregivers have clocked in and out on time and the total billable hours spent on the shift. Accurate time-tracking helps sort confusion related to invoicing, settling disputes, and legal compliance.

Developers have made the following enhancements to improve time tracking:

  1. Time tracking filters have been updated, enabling a faster reload by clicking on ‘Search.’
  2. Meetings will now be visible under the ‘Meetings’ view even after the payroll is finalized.


The 21st Century Cures Act mandates EVV compliance to decrease waste, fraud, and abuse and bring new medical advances and innovations to the home care industry.

The TELLUS EVV updates help agencies:

  1. Bulk update reason codes using 3-dots on the right side of the page.
  2. Add missed visit reason codes after making the selection on missed visit view.
  3. Have a new column for missed visit codes on the TELLUS data post screen.

These enhancements will boost the product functionality and empower care workers to focus more on providing high-quality care and less on administrative tasks.

And, It’s Time for the Most Exciting Update

CareSmartz360 is now integrated with HHAeXchange in Minnesota. This update will help redefine home care in Minnesota and help agencies leverage technology to deliver excellent care.

The Bottom Line

CareSmartz360, the private duty software, is built for the modern home care landscape to ensure agency value. It offers a complete solution to manage the entire client lifecycle, helping agencies propel towards innovation.

With regular updates and product innovations, we at CareSmartz360 aim to continue releasing software features that help home care providers deliver quality services. It is about taking steps towards caregiver betterment through enhanced functionality and improving customer outcomes!

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