Useful CareSmartz360 Home Care Software Features You Might Not Know About

Useful CareSmartz360 Home Care Software Features

We keep introducing a handful of features that empower the home care community to achieve operational excellence. These updates that can help you work efficiently and acquire a better understanding of your day-to-day operations, can, however, go unnoticed at times.

To help you make the most of CareSmartz360, our Customer Success team compiled a list of great features you maybe didn’t know existed so far.

Whether you’re a home care startup, an agency, or somewhere in between, take an insider look at how CareSmartz360 power users wield these little-known features to make their job easier.

AI-based Caregiver Retention

Today, caregiver churn is a significant pain point for providers. Employees may become disengaged or dissatisfied for several reasons, including side hustles for extra income, inconsistent work hours, poor scheduling, and so on.

Furthermore, the outbreak of the COVID-19 has worsened the retention and staffing challenges, necessitating the development of a more tangible way to measure caregiver satisfaction.

“Caregiver retention may be hard, but our approach is simple.”

CareSmartz360 is leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), optimization, and machine learning technologies to help home care agencies to:

  • Analyze Individual Performance
  • Improve Caregiver Satisfaction
  • Increase Caregiver Retention, and
  • Reduce Caregiver Turnover risk

With CareSmartz360 AI-based Caregiver Retention dashboard, we’re able to help clients identify each caregiver’s Value Index and Retention Score, so managers can act on the data and implement preventative measures to lessen the likelihood of an employee leaving.

Custom Reports and Personalized Dashboards

Data analysis can often prove to be an uphill battle, and home care agencies are either ignoring it or going insane trying to make sense of it.

Our reporting feature has a new and improved look!

With CareSmartz360 Custom Reports and Personalized Dashboard, your agency has all the necessary tools to derive essential business metrics and structure them in a way that resonates with how your business thinks and operates.

  • Create robust reports that can be customized to your preferred format.
  • Control who can access your business reports to ensure data confidentiality.
  • Without having to switch between different tabs, get a comprehensive view of business metrics at a glance.

No Code, Custom Online Forms

Paper-based data collection involves time-consuming manual operations that can pose a high-security risk! Don’t worry. Take a deep breath and leave the rest to us!

CareSmartz360 Online Custom Forms gives your home care agency the power to simplify data collection and automate processes by creating functional forms in minutes!

  • Choose from several built-in forms or use our drag-and-drop builder and customizable themes to create your client forms.
  • The data contained in the client or caregiver profile is auto-populated to the form fields, eliminating the need for double entry.
  • Configure user rights on a form-by-form basis to reduce the risk of error and data leakage.
  • Use a mouse pointer or your finger on a touch-enabled device to e-sign forms.

Client Assessment and Care Plan

Our home care Client Assessment Solution is another hidden gem giving agencies a complete snapshot of a client’s condition, needs, and preferences. This flexible and intuitive feature enables home care providers to:

  • Document client information online or offline in a secure HIPAA compliant environment.
  • Make informed decisions that impact care planning, resources allocation, and other services.
  • Provide the ideal caregiver based on client requirements and assure high-quality care.
  • Make use of rich media features like signatures and notes.
  • Cut down on data entry using menu-driven and predictive text functionality.
  • Complete client assessments from any device using a native mobile app or a responsively designed web interface.
  • Save client assessments as a care plan that caregivers can use for more efficient operations.


We have a solution for all your home care needs, be it related to client assessments, scheduling, billing, or reporting on your business’ progress. CareSmartz360, an all-in-one home care management software solution, can assist you in accomplishing all of your goals!

Are you ready to get the most out of CareSmartz360 and begin making your job easier right away? Request a demo or get in touch with our team of experts.

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