Looking Back at 2022 – CareSmartz360’s Year in Review

Another year has passed. The home industry saw remarkable growth in 2022 despite the ongoing pandemic restrictions. Everyone had to keep up with changing habits and modifying how we worked.

Despite these challenges, it’s been a great year!

2022 – a Year of Excellence for CareSmartz360

2022 was a fantastic year for us. It was a year filled with opportunities, optimism, breakthroughs, awards & recognitions, strategic partnerships, and huge successes. To motivate our team to begin the new year with a big bang, we list the major highlights of 2022- a successful year:

Big Wins with Awards! Our Hard Work Paid Off

We started the year with optimism. Our all-in-one home care software got global recognition and awards from industry leaders. We believe in empowering the home care community to achieve greatness in operations.

We got recognized as an award-winning software created by home care experts. Leader platforms appreciated our year-long hard work and added a feather to our cap with different awards.

Here are some awards we won in 2022.

Award Winning Home Care Software

We Attended Home Care Conferences

The global pandemic brought major setbacks for home care businesses, especially the inability to meet and associate with industry professionals and like-minded people in person. Virtual conferences are evidence of this fact!

However, 2022 was different. The CareSmartz360 team exhibited at the HCAOA 2022 Annual Leadership Conference and NAHC 2022 Home Care and Hospice Conference Expo in Orlando, Florida, and St. Louis, Missouri, respectively.

These conferences were a great time to discuss major setbacks, explore current issues, and discover actionable strategies to grow the home care business. During our industry dialogue with home care giants, we navigated the plan of action for 2023.

We are excited to welcome the new year with new goals ahead.

Home Care Conferences

The Newly Improved CareSmartz360 is Here – Major Highlights of 2022

Awards and successes in 2022 enabled us to make a difference in our clients’ lives, push the limit of possibilities, and bring out the best software for our users. As we walked past the year, we realized how difficult it was for agencies to manage and keep track of client schedules, caregiver time tracking, and billing- especially when remote work became the new normal. This year, our main focus was to make this entire process easier for all our stakeholders.

In 2022, we made some enhancements to CareSmartz360 by rolling out new features and upgrading the existing ones to improve the functionality of our home care management software. The end of the year is a perfect time to look back and reflect on what we have accomplished and establish a plan of action for the new year.

So, in case you missed them, we’ve put together a list of our major updates and integrations throughout 2022. Let’s get going with discovering the milestones we achieved for 2022:

CareSmartz360 and Learn2Care Integration:

CareSmartz360 strives to improve the client experience by providing quality care. But, this is possible only when an agency has skilled caregivers and they are up-to-date with the industry trends.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve integrated with Learn2Care – an online training platform for agencies to create new learning possibilities and deliver the best care to seniors.

Learn2Care empowers home care agencies to enhance the caregiver’s skills while still meeting compliance requirements through 200+ state-approved courses and easy-to-complete online training.

CareSmartz360 Integration With Learn2Care

EVV Functionality in Agency Mobile App:

Client requirements and caregiver schedules are not a 9 am-5 pm operation. New client intakes inquiries and caregiver call-outs happen 24*7, which is why home care agency staff require tools for accessing critical data to manage inquiries from anywhere and at anytime.

We have introduced EVV functionality to the agency’s mobile app to meet these increasing needs. Agency owners can enter/select reason codes for shifts when they edit visits from within the agency app. Reason codes will also apply when they manually clock in/clock out.

EVV Functionality in Agency Mobile App

AI-Powered Caregiver Performance Metrics:

We acknowledge the power of technology and try to keep pace with the changing industry scenarios. Caresmartz is accelerating tech with confidence and leveraging Artificial Intelligence to help home care businesses grow and stabilize.

A comprehensive dashboard lets home care agencies view and monitor their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real time. Agency owners can predict caregiver retention and foresee caregiver turnover risk. They can also analyze individual performance, minimize caregiver churn rates, and retain skilled resources to improve performance.

AI-Based Caregiver Retention

Revenue Predictions for Sales Forecasting (Beta):

Home care agencies need to clearly understand how much revenue their company will generate at a given time. Sales forecasting gives agencies the right insights and is poised for continuous growth. The AI-based sales forecasting feature helps generate predictions, make strategic decisions, and forecast future revenue.

Revenue Predictions for Sales Forecasting

New EVV State Integrations:

Meeting the state’s EVV requirements has been more critical than ever. Home care agencies that fail to comply with federal and state requirements can face Medicaid claim denials and FMAP deductions.

CareSmartz360 is always working towards meeting your state’s EVV requirements and partners with EVV aggregators to make software solutions available for several states. This year, CareSmartz360 integrated with “6” new states:

  • California
  • Rhode Island
  • Delaware
  • Wyoming
  • Alabama, and
  • West Virginia

New EVV State Integrations

Strengthening Robust Billing Solutions:

Collecting payments has become more accessible. The 2022 software update allows agencies to search and process billing data in the background. Initially, billers had to wait on the billing screen to calculate and display results. However, with recent updates, owners can either wait for results or be notified when the results are ready.

Users also have greater control over schedules for creating and finalizing the invoice through a new invoice page.

Robust Billing Solutions

Custom Forms Updates:

If done manually, collecting, storing, and reporting data can be highly time-consuming. Tedious data entry and lugging around paper records pose a high-security risk and does not meet HIPAA-compliances. To ease the problem, CareSmartz360’s Custom Forms lets agencies focus on the bigger picture and use specialized tools to eliminate paper.

With custom form setting updates, agency users can customize their forms. They have the ability to add a new form component using drag & drop feature. They can also add a search bar, and sort options to improve user experience.

Custom Forms Updates

CareSmartz360+ Caregiver App Enhancements:

CareSmartz360+, our multilingual caregiver app gives more power to caregivers to ensure quality care delivery- all thanks to an intuitive interface coupled with advanced scheduling features.

In 2022, we have enhanced our multilingual caregiver app to improve the caregiver experience. They can now see & apply on relevant open shifts, helping agencies receive qualified requests. Sending notifications on any response by the caregiver on the pre-screening module would be easier.

Another major update is that caregivers can reset their security questions, helping them access their apps quickly.

Caregiver App

IVR (Telephony) Updates:

IVR (Telephony) method had not enforced a setting when caregivers clocked out without updating all the tasks.

With the 2022 update, caregivers can clock out even if tasks are not updated. However, this depends on the Office Settings. In such a case, a message will be displayed “Please update all tasks before clocking out.” IVR options will permit caregivers to update all tasks.

Once done, caregivers will be able to clock out with ease.

Caregiver Applicant Form Advancements:

Home care agencies can speed up their hiring process by saving the details of caregiver applicants. When caregiver applicants apply for jobs through the CareSmartz360 portal, their details are automatically saved in the system.

In 2022, there were enhancements made to the caregiver applicant forms to save the applicant details efficiently. There were changes in the admin settings with improvements in educational background, certificates, employment history, skills/ preferences, and references to help ease the caregiver onboarding process.

Caregiver Applicant Form

User Interface Improvements:

We have been improving our product based on the changing needs of our users. We always strive to provide our customers with convenience, quality, and efficient usability.

CareSmartz360 follows the latest UI/UX trends to suit the user’s needs. There have been significant improvements in the search mechanism throughout our all-in-one home care software so that users can search for what they require. With filter modifications, you get greater control over the data you see.

These updates promise a sound user experience.

Key Takeaways

This is just a short but essential list of product updates CareSmartz360 introduced in 2022. All these product updates promise an enhanced user experience and make the software ideal for the home care community.

In the face of challenge, the CareSmartz360 team wants to make it easy for agencies to go into 2023 with home care software that sets them up for success. We look forward to sharing many more discoveries, stories, and updates in the upcoming year.

We would love to show how our home care management solution can assist your agency turn adversity into opportunity.

Until then, let’s toast to success in 2022. Cheers!

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