Introducing 4 New Filters in CareSmartz360 Home Care Software

Introducing 4 New Filters in CareSmartz360 Home Care Software

For those utilizing the technology behind CareSmartz360 are well aware of the possibilities of this powerful home care business solution. It wasn’t developed as one-size-fits-all. CareSmartz360 has evolved based on the feedback and requests from agencies, caregivers, and industry experts.

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Bringing in new features, functionality enhancements and updates is transforming CareSmartz360 into a complete home care solution. Recently, the November update of CareSmartz360 rolled out with new filters and capabilities, aiming to make day-to-day operations easier for everyone to stay in the loop.

New Search Filter on Create New Invoice Screen

A new search filter the ‘Payer Type’ is added to the ‘Create New Invoice’ screen and based on the selection, the system will filter the payers for associated shifts to invoice.

Compatibility Type Filter on Find Caregiver Screen

On the ‘Find Caregiver’ screen, to find eligible Caregivers to fill in open shift(s) more efficiently, it is now easier to filter Caregivers based on their compatibility type configured within the Client profile.

Filter Data based on Territory in Global Communication Logs

The ability to filter data based on territory in the Global Communication Logs has been updated. Now, one can see in the grid, which territory the client belongs to. Along with the filter, you can sort on any of the grid columns.

Client Status Filter on Caregiver Notes Report

A new type of filter is introduced in the November release as Client Status on the Caregiver Notes report. This will help the users to filter on the basis of client status.

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Technology has undoubtedly transformed in diverse spaces, and the home care industry isn’t untouched! Caregivers can now leverage advanced platforms that can monitor, report, and provide real-time updates of the client. Agency owners can benefit from increased production time, decreased billing errors, and overall business growth.

Other than these integrations and updates, a host of new features have also rolled out. We will be sharing all the notable enhancements within CareSmartz360 soon. Until then, keep watching this space.

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