5 Things your Next Home Care Software Must Have

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Every agency delivering personal care services have questions about what they need to be successful in 2020 when situations are unpredictable.

Besides having a passion for delivering quality care, outstanding caregiving skills, and the ability to market & sell your services, there’s one thing that can eventually make a huge difference. Yes, we’re talking about a home care management software.

Once you have committed to keeping your business up & running regardless of the circumstances, you need to think about a smart solution that you need to run your agency efficiently.

Talking about the basics, your home care management software must have-Electronic Visit Verification (to meet Medicaid compliance as per the 21st Century Cures Act), accounting, and billing.

Do you think that is enough for your agency to stand out when your competitors are leveraging cutting-edge technology along with meeting Federal Government compliance?

Well, let’s just discuss what else you should be looking at in a home care software when you are already spending huge bucks to get compliance.

1. Smart Scheduling

Scheduling isn’t just another feature that your home care management solution must-have, it’s a utility that can help you navigate your business success in 2020.

Gone are the days when caregivers & agencies used to rely on paper-based schedules and checklists, a smart home care suit with scheduling can help eliminate tedious & time-consuming tasks. No more delays, no more allocation hassle, just quality care every time!

Features like calendar view can benefit the caregivers in many ways. They can view the schedule of specific clients by day, week, or month while indicating open shifts, approved shifts, and scheduled shifts.

Also, smart home care scheduling software like CareSmartz360 aligns the right caregiver with the client by quickly matching the needs along with other criteria like requirements, specialty, distance, and availability.

If you’re consuming more than a couple of seconds in just scheduling, it’s the right time to consider a home care scheduling software.

2. Point of Care

Since you’re delivering personal care services, you may come across the diverse requirements of your clients based on their health conditions & dietary needs.

With features like point of care, each client profile can be specified by the attributes that caregivers need to deliver enhanced care. The smart system analyses the exact needs of a client and quickly notifies the agency staff regarding the availability of a skilled professional in that particular area that can deliver care.

This not only improves the quality of care but eventually helps you to ensure the highest level of care at times when your caregivers are not available for the scheduled location. The system can quickly show you the results of the best matches for the caregivers that can be assigned to the clients to deliver care, hence maintaining your overall repute.

If you’re consuming more than a couple of seconds in just scheduling, it’s the right time to consider a home care scheduling software.

3. Reporting

Smart reporting is perhaps the feature that would help you get better insights into the overall performance of your caregivers and maintaining the quality of care.

With CareSmartz360, you get real-time information about clock-in/out to form EVV reports, caregiver pay rates, client-specific payments, invoices summary, and other crucial reports.

If your agency is precisely tracking caregivers along with accurate reporting, you could witness a substantial increase in productivity and quality of care to your clients.

Moreover, real-time notifications about missed clock-in/out and open shifts make it convenient for both caregivers and agency staff to manage operations flawlessly.

Also, the clients have an access to all the information related to their current schedule. They can check the details about the caregiver, his/her experience, and the exact time when they would arrive at their place.

If you’re considering replacing your current EVV solution, make sure it offers smart reporting so that you’re aware of every aspect of your home care business.

4. Caregiver Portal

Your agency cannot beat the competitors who are utilizing the technology when your caregivers are still relying on old-school methods to manage their schedules.

Though it is mandatory for every agency delivering non-medical care to implement EVV, you need to think beyond just getting compliance.

Whether it’s marking pre-defined tasks as complete or adding notes for each service delivery, a dedicated caregiver portal minimizes the hassle of maintaining records and keeping up with the schedules.

Since client feedback is undeniably the most crucial aspect of maintaining a positive repute in the market, you just can’t ensure adequate feedback without a dedicated system that provides updates in real-time.

Apart from this, the caregivers that are available for other tasks can quickly request for more hours. Isn’t that amazing when you’re having a team that is consistently providing updates regarding their availability especially during a time when there’s a shortage of skilled caregivers?

5. A Smart Mobile App

Last but not the least, a smart mobile that can help establish a communication channel between agency, caregiver, and the client can be a game-changer in the year 2020.

Most of the agencies and clients are always complaining about a communication gap between their caregivers, clients and agency staff leading to productivity issues and declining revenues.

With a mobile app that can track caregivers and providing real-time location updates to the clients can help in streamlining processes in a better way.

CareSmartz360+ a smart home care management mobile app helps to establish strong communication between the agencies, caregivers, and clients to ensure maximum transparency and quality care.

Considering the current pandemic situation, the CareSmartz360+ mobile app features the COVID-19 Pre-Screening module that screens the caregivers before they can clock-in. This helps in minimizing the risk for the clients since an SMS/Email is sent to the agency regarding the symptoms of the caregiver so that they can immediately take the necessary step.

Here’s what you get from a smart home care mobile app:

  • Quick clock-in and clock-out
  • Save crucial documents
  • Offline mode
  • Shift status- Ongoing, available, upcoming, and open shifts
  • My client and My Profile with detailed information about client and caregivers
  • Expenses record

A smart mobile app for care delivery is the need of the hour and every agency must emphasize a home care software that provides a complete package of home care management solution.

What to Do Next?

If you’re planning to improve your home care operations and navigate your business growth, we’ve got you covered! Caresmartz’s complete home care management solution helps agencies get compliant, attain operational efficiency, and stabilize revenues even in the toughest situations.

You can reach out to us for a Free Demo to understand why CareSmartz360 is the right choice for your home care agency.

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