How Our Client and Family Portal is Revolutionizing Communication in Home Care?

Home Care Client and Family Portal

Families deserve to be in the loop when it comes to their loved ones. Especially when the seniors are receiving home care and family members are far away from them, staying updated on their health and well-being is paramount.

The home care family portal by CareSmartz360 lets your clients know you care. The portal keeps your clients’ families and loved ones informed and connected. With a private and secure dedicated portal, they can stay on top of their loved ones’ care plans and tasks, making it easier to check up on them even from a distance.

This is how the portal can help home care agencies, clients, and their loved ones:

Quick and Transparent

The home care client portal allows families to see their loved one’s care schedule, invoices, and any important correspondence from one convenient location. Everything is in one place, so you can show your clients all of the services you’re providing them in a quick and user-friendly manner.

The Client & Family Portal is a great way to manage, communicate, and provide peace of mind for your clients and their families.

It makes it easier for agencies and caregivers to provide care and reassurance while ensuring your client’s privacy and comfort. Whether your client is a stroke survivor or a cancer patient, the portal offers real-time updates on their day-to-day progress.

The portal provides a centralized location so everyone can see their care schedules, answer frequently asked questions, and view invoices. When you have all the pieces of information in one place, it does help to reduce anxiety for all parties involved.

Task and Schedule Visibility

The home care family portal helps families stay connected to the care their loved one is receiving. The portal is available 24/7 to view real-time schedules, caregiver information, patient information, task details for each visit, and other special requests to improve care.

This feature gives family members and caregivers the tools they need to help ensure scheduled care is provided each time a client needs assistance. In addition, immediate notifications are sent when scheduled visits are cancelled or rescheduled, giving the client’s family members and caregivers real-time status updates.

Enhanced Communication

The client & family portal is a great way to communicate with clients and family members for easy care coordination. The portal provides fast access to records, medications, communications, and more!

The Client & Family Portal enables clients or their caregivers to manage their care needs online. The portal will allow your clients to:

  • Send scheduling requests
  • Medical information
  • Correspondence or personal notes, photos, etc.

Our client and family portal (CFP) is a secured online database for families to track their loved one’s care, view assessments and plan information, share documents, and access activity calendars.

The CFP also allows the family to share their loved one’s information with emergency contacts and community resources. Our online portal provides a link between you, the agency, and the family.


Our client and family portal will keep seniors and families informed and connected. With a private and secure dedicated portal, they can stay on top of the recipient’s care plans and tasks, discuss new ideas with the caregiver, get confirmation of visits, communicate with family members for feedback on specific issues or events, view outstanding invoices, and payments, and more.

Your clients will always be your priority; make them feel valued by choosing a solution that offers convenience, quality, and value.

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