How CareSmartz360 is Revolutionizing Home Care Industry

CareSmartz360 is Revolutionizing Home Care Industry

Caregiving and Technology are becoming hand in hand with one another. The blend of tech and caregiving services was often seen with speculation as care was thought to be provided only by the physical presence.

But, now the tables have turned, and the overall structure and caregiving process has developed a new image. All thanks to the advanced technology and the changes it is bringing in the home care space.

In the same way, managing care is now a much easier process for home care agencies through advanced home care management solutions like CareSmartz360.

The Cloud-Based Caregiver Management solution answers all unattended problems home care agencies have been facing so far. The agencies have been facing issues like:

  • Managing open shifts
  • Tracking the location of the caregiver
  • Difficulty in monitoring the period of caregiving
  • The communication gap between agencies and caregivers
  • No access to real-time client details

The issues mentioned earlier have always been on the list of home care agencies. But, all these issues have got a permanent solution, and that is; the cloud-based caregiver management software. If the agencies adopt the software, it streamlines the work and makes the overall caregiving process easy and smooth. It brings ease to the life of caregivers too.

Technology and Caregiving go hand in hand

As per the stats, approximately 71% of caregivers are interested in using home care software. The home care software is making their life easy and home care agencies’ businesses lucrative. The software allows agencies to prevent some of the grave issues:

  • Payment frauds
  • Increasing cases of abuses by the hands of caregivers
  • The biggest challenge of 2021, i.e., caregiver churn and retention

All these issues found a concrete solution in caregiver staff scheduling software. The software provides a single platform to manage all the activities involved in the home care business, like scheduling, billing, payroll, appointments, shifts, compliance, etc. The root cause of all the problems has got the one-stop solution.

A Boon for Caregivers

The home care software, CareSmartz360 is EVV compliant software. EVV was made compulsory by the government to reduce fraudulent and undeserving payments.

EVV embedded CareSmartz360, a smart caregiver portal for home care agencies, allows caregivers to Clock-in/Clock-out at the start and the end of the care delivery task.

The lines between the process of caregiving and the use of technology have been blurred. The amalgamation of technology with care-providing services provides excellent results to all the members of the home care industry.

Home care software makes the process smooth and increases the operational efficiency of caregivers.

Here’s how CareSmartz360 continues in making the process easy for caregivers:

Defining Traveling Preference

CareSmartz360, a cloud-based HIPPA home care software, allows caregivers to choose their traveling preference. It is now defined in the caregiver’s profile.

The predefined option marks “Distance willing to travel (in miles)” can be used by the caregivers to determine the distance they are willing to travel for providing care services. This feature will help caregivers in calculating the distance from the primary address.

In case the address infobox is empty, the distance defined will not be considered. Also, if the traveling preference does not match the client, it will show conflict by the system.

Defining Clock-in, Clock-out Status

CareSmartz360 allows the agencies to define the clock-in, clock-out radius. The software is custom-made according to the caregiver’s preferences.

It provides the caregivers with an option to exempt themselves from the distance-based clock-in, clock-out status. This feature liberates the caregivers from travel restrictions and allows them to work as per their immediate preferences.

Shift Notifications Alert

In managing home, clients, and the care plans for days in continuity, it is understandable that the caregivers tend to forget about their shift.

To remove that burden of remembering every change, CareSmartz360 reminds them of their shift through the automated open shift notification feature.

Automated alert while Clock-in/Clock-out on the Wrong Day

In case caregivers clock in on a wrong date, this feature alerts them and allows them the freedom to choose if they want to proceed and work for the day.

Caregiver’s Organizer

CareSmartz360 turns out to be the perfect tool for caregivers. It helps them to stay updated and on their toes to deliver the care services. The application is embedded with features that allow the following:

  • Easy view of Upcoming Schedules: The caregivers can view their upcoming shifts and care schedules whenever they want to see them. They can know about the open shifts and accept them as per their availability and flexibility. A single dashboard permits caregivers to stay updated and view shifts, client details, care plans, and the tasks performed.
  • Quick Response: Immediate response to accept the available shift or reject it allows the agencies to assign the task to other caregivers. So, the software will enable caregivers to choose by themselves.
  • Requesting more Hours: The easy calendar view allows caregivers to see the open shifts and send requests to the home care agency asking for the work.
  • Data in Sync: All the data is synced with the software in real-time. The caregivers are open to marking their tasks as completed; the client refused, not finished, by writing an explanatory note.
  • Recording Expenses: While caregivers offer the care services to clients, they are free to add expenses incurred while providing care and can apply immediately for reimbursement.
  • Access to Information: CareSmartz360 provides direct access to information to the caregivers. They can even upload compliance documents like licenses and essential certifications.

CareSmartz360, a cloud-based home care management solution, empowers caregivers, agencies, and clients. If you are a home care agency, you need not hover around to find the perfect software because CareSmartz360 is just a click away.

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