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Are you looking for a job with good long-term prospects? Well, a career in home care could be a good fit for you.

Employment in the healthcare sector is projected to grow 16 percent from 2020 to 2030, faster than all other occupations, forecasting an increase in around 2.6 million jobs.
Bureau of Labor Statistics

The increasing demand for experienced and well-qualified healthcare professionals also means more job security and growth prospects in other fields. Reading through, you will get an understanding of what your career could look like in one of the fastest-growing job markets in the non-medical industry, the one of a biller.

What does a Biller Do?

Billers update the client records and perform numerous calculations, documentation processing, and payments. Home care billers spend several hours of their day doing it manually or electronically.

A biller is a professional in charge of creating invoices and credit memos, updating customer files, and sending out payment reminders to the customers. Their primary duty is to assist existing and potential clients via emails and phone calls about their invoice issues. However, they also work with other departments that may need their help.

A billing clerk must be accurate and reliable in handling accounts and documents. Due to the significant financial information involved, being calculative is considered a high organizational ability. While this may seem like a lot to do, technology today has made workload easier.

With home care software like CareSmartz360, billers may streamline accuracy and handle client billing, invoicing, Medicaid, and claim submissions with complete ease.

The key responsibilities of a home care biller are:

  1. Manage multiple billing rates per payer.
  2. Generate invoices and bill payments.
  3. Customize invoices with required information based on client needs.
  4. Liaison with multiple payers for clients to get paid.
  5. Stay up-to-date with Medicaid processing, waiver programs, insurances, and taxes.

What does a Day in the Life of Biller Look Like?

Let’s take a closer look at the routine of a biller to help you understand the job environment and their work responsibilities.

A home care biller usually works 40 hours a week and spends most of their time in front of a computer processing billing information. They must possess good communication skills to effectively speak with clients and insurance companies.

A biller’s primary task includes generating and transmitting insurance claims. However, this task becomes more straightforward with a homecare billing software like CareSmartz360 that has a billing dashboard. It shows caregiver details, the total number of working hours, client information, shifts, etc.

As per the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), all entities must submit their claims electronically. Your software produces all your claims and makes them ready for online delivery. The clearing house then routes them to insurance carriers and checks for errors before sending them out.

The house redirects the claim back to the biller in case of an error.

The final responsibility of the biller is to ensure that these bills are well paid. Billers must mail timely, precise statements and correct mistakes, if any. After the invoice is paid, the information is stored correctly for future use.

How does CareSmartz360 Process Accurate Billing in Minutes?

The billing process in CareSmartz360 is a great option for home care agencies as it is flexible enough to accommodate the personalized needs of the billers.

Research shows that billers may speed up their billing processing time by up to 85% through non-medical billing software. They may also reduce repetitive manual tasks and paperwork by 90%.

With CareSmartz360, billers can:

  1. Automate and track invoices.
  2. Take advantage of easy QuickBooks export.
  3. Split a bill for different payers.
  4. Invoice format.
  5. Facilitate state-wise Medicaid billing.
  6. Use unified electronic billing, claim submission, and payments.

Some other ways CareSmartz360 helps billers are that they:

No Longer Have to Replace the Existing Billing Software:

CareSmartz360 integrates with QuickBooks and other accounting software to facilitate billing and payroll by grabbing necessary data. A home care agency will not have to replace its existing accounting system.

Smart Invoicing Equals Quicker Payments:

CareSmartz360 has an in-built comprehensive invoicing system, using user-driven processes to ensure error-free accounting information. Additionally, it helps manage invoicing, billing, and payments from a single dashboard.

It also supports various rates, third-party payers like Medicare and Medicaid, and billing rules to minimize errors.

Easy Payments to Caregivers:

Billers custom-designate payments based on daily and hourly rates. They see how caregivers are paid after completing their shifts, verify visits, process the number of hours, and generate payroll.

Additionally, CareSmartz360 has a separate payroll module that agencies can customize to review the expenses incurred while generating payroll. With this, caregivers will also stay informed on the amount of remuneration paid to them.

CareSmartz360 is an all-in-one home care software that strives to manage the different needs of a home care agency and make the lives of schedulers, billers, clients, and caregivers easier. This home care management software transforms the way you provide care.

Final Words

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of a biller’s job responsibilities, their daily schedule, and how a home care software like CareSmartz360 makes their life easy. It is worth having this software as it streamlines the entire billing process, allowing agencies and billers to raise invoices and send them to payers easily.

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