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21 CareSmartz360 Updates in the Year 2021

CareSmartz360 New Features updates in 2021

As a part of the home care industry, we know how difficult it can be to manage, keep track and monitor your caregiver activity, client onboarding, business reporting, and billing — just to name a few. Our objective, though, is to make the entire process a little easier and more visual.

To bring more ease to your home care business, we’ve tried making our software smarter by introducing new features, and upgrading and polishing current ones.

So, in case you missed them, we’ve compiled a list of 21 updates from the year 2021 that can help you further optimize your home care workflow! Here’s a rundown of everything we’ve added and improved.

1. Multilingual Caregiver App

The idea behind releasing the CareSmartz360+ Caregiver App was to help home care businesses empower their caregivers to stay productive & deliver improved care. We didn’t stop with the release of the app! 2021 was all about continuously improving the app functionality and convenience of use.

As a result, you can now use the Caregiver App in several languages, including Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, and French, in addition to English and Spanish. Here’s how this multilingual caregiver mobile app can benefit your home care business!

  • Reach larger audience
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Enhance caregiver productivity
  • Reduce chances of caregiver churn
  • Improve communication with caregivers
  • Establishing caregiver trust and sincerity by enabling them to do everything crucial in the language of choice

Multilingual Caregiver App - CareSmartz360+

2. Agency App for On-Call Coordinators

We’ve made a significant update to our mobile app for agency staff! CareSmartz360 Admin App is now known as the “Agency App.”

The Agency App is a solution designed specifically for home care office staff to have more control over the business activities on the go. Beyond simplifying and speeding up workflows, Agency App provides the following benefits:

  • Reduce staff workload with easy access to business information
  • Facilitate communication between office staff and caregivers
  • Improved scheduling and caregiver management
  • Faster resolution of client issues and escalations and more

Home Care Agency App for Office Staff

3. Robust Custom Reporting

Our Personalized Dashboard for custom reporting made life easy for many home care professionals. It provides the ability to have an at-a-glance view of the metrics and KPIs that are most important to a business and export them as powerful reports of the desired format.

Know more: Custom Reports for Smart Home Care Business Insights!

Robust Custom Reporting for Home care Business

4. Improved Reporting

CareSmartz360 provides you with access to a bunch of reports to help you gain complete visibility into your home care business operations.

Full visibility into business operations = Better business outcomes

We’ve added a few additional reports to our comprehensive reporting solution this year.

  • Address Book Notes: You’ll find this report under the CRM Reports in CareSmartz360. This report will fetch all the notes entered in the address book. Now focus on what’s important to your business while saving a ton of time!
  • Caregiver Overtime: It has been added under Reports > Scheduling. This report calculates the overtime hours a caregiver worked between the selected period. Manually calculating overtime can be laborious and time-consuming, but our Caregiver Overtime Report will help you avoid that!

Other Account, CRM, and Clients reports have also been included for data-driven decision making and improved business outcomes!

Improved Reporting for home care business operations

5. Other Reporting Updates and Enhancements

Besides the introduction of the Custom Reporting feature and addition of some additional reports, our development team still managed to bring some more significant enhancements and upgrades to our reporting feature.

  • New filters are added for easy navigation
  • Bulk download functionality to save time
  • Better UI of reports available for a better experience

Homecare software Reporting Updates

6. No Code, Drag & Drop Custom Forms

Custom online forms were one of the most popular requests we received this year. The launch of Custom Forms changed the way home care businesses collected client-specific data or information.

With CareSmartz360 Custom Forms, agencies can:

  • Either create their own forms or choose from built-in forms
  • Build no-code forms using drag & drop functionality
  • Securely manage sensitive client information
  • Eliminate tedious paper-based processes
  • Automate tasks in a few clicks and much more

Homecare Custom Online Forms

7. AI-Based Caregiver Retention

CareSmartz360’s caregiver retention is rolled out to all our clients. It’s a unique solution that comes with everything you need to keep your caregivers connected, inspired, and committed to your agency.

CareSmartz360 employs artificial intelligence to provide you with a high-level dashboard view of each caregiver’s Value Index and Retention Score, enabling you to:

  • Analyze Individual Performance
  • Predict Caregiver Churn
  • Engage & Retain Caregivers
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Improve Revenues

Our user-friendly dashboard gives home care coordinators detailed data-backed insights into how an agency is performing in terms of retention metrics and pinpoints the factors that cause caregivers to leave.

AI-Based Caregiver Retention

8. EVV Integrations

We’re always on the lookout for ways to meet your state’s EVV requirements. As a result, CareSmartz360 has evolved and partnered with EVV suppliers in various states, making our software solutions available to home care agencies in those states. In 2021, CareSmartz360 integrated with:

  • HHA Exchange in Aetna (NY), North Carolina, New Jersey, and West Virginia
  • Sandata in Illinois, Idaho, Missouri, Rhode Island and Washington
  • CareBridge in Arkansas, North Carolina
  • eMedNY in New York
  • Authenticare in Delaware


9. Scheduling Feature Updates

Our scheduling feature has been updated to help you prevent human errors, schedule with ease, and then print and download those appointments to your calendar. The color-coded calendar display is more intuitive than ever before.

Furthermore, CareSmartz360 has been updated to add the following features:

  • ‘Visual Indicators’ and ‘Filters’ for easy visibility and quick understanding of the information you are interested in
  • For increased precision, hours have been substituted with decimal units on the scheduling calendar
  • ‘Print functionality’ to bring your personal calendar to life
  • Ability to edit multiple schedules and download Client and Caregiver calendars in bulk

Home care Scheduling Feature Updates

10. Other Intuitive Caregiver App Updates

The CareSmartz360+ caregiver app is a great compliment to our home care management solution providing caregivers the tools they need to interact with their clients on the go.

Our product team has worked hard this year to bring exciting new upgrades to the caregiver app allowing our power users to communicate smoothly and work efficiently to achieve operational excellence!

The latest updates to the caregiver mobile app include:

  • Timely alerts to caregivers about the open shifts
  • Ability to add videos as attachments from the app
  • Add expense in decimal points for better precision
  • Add feedback on the caregiver’s behalf in case of missed instances
  • Agency can edit the published caregiver notes to make necessary updates

Caregiver App Updates - CareSmartz360+

11. Client & Family Portal Modifications

Client Portal is the one-stop solution for clients and their family members to stay informed and get in touch with their home care service providers.

CareSmartz360’s dedicated Client and Family Portal has been modified to meet the needs of our clients!

  • Client Portal is now adaptive to mobile and tablet devices for improved user experience
  • Agencies can now make necessary adjustments to caregiver notes that have been published to the client portal
  • Client portal now has key docs segregated for easy access

Homecare Client and Family Portal Updates

12. Improved Payroll Processing

Processing payrolls can be a headache. Time-efficient methods are crucial to maintaining any successful business. Our updated homecare management software allows you to create payroll batches according to the needs of your home care business’ daily operations.

  • To avoid unexpected expense activities, agencies can now set maximum miles and minutes that a caregiver can enter
  • Users can now choose the right items and export them all at once
  • We’ve also significantly improved the Payroll Creation screen’s performance to reduce loading time
  • New filters have been added for easy navigation saving you a ton of time

Home care Payroll Software- CareSmartz360+

13. Billing Performance Improvements

Consistently improving our product to help you remain competitive and maintain a productive workforce is all that we aimed at achieving in the year 2021! As a result, we brought some paramount performance improvements in our home care billing software, lowering overall loading time for your efficient working! Additionally, to keep everyone in the know, we added several notification enhancements, such as sending an auto-notification to multiple recipients when a new invoice is created.
Home care Billing Software Updates- CareSmartz360+

14. Enhancements for Better Communication

Effective care is a result of excellent communication. 2021 updates allow your team to stay updated on the go and communicate important information in seconds.

  • Users can share key documents from client and caregiver profile
  • Agency can edit the published caregiver notes and make necessary updates
  • Easily sort the task and communications under the caregiver and client by date
  • Furthermore, keep track of all your messages, tasks, and clients in one location

15. Powered-Up Notifications

It’s imperative not to miss any crucial business information! To help you stay updated, CareSmartz360 has redesigned its notifications and messages. This allows for seamless communication. You can now do the following with CareSmartz360:

  • Update caregiver and agency users about all the open shifts of the next 7 days through an SMS and E-mail Notification
  • Notify agency users when a caregiver is running late to a shift and now has clocked in
  • Easily send SMS to caregivers and clients from the scheduled calendar and much more!

16. User Interface Improvements

We’ve been improving our product based on the changing tastes of our users since the beginning. Why?! Because all we want to provide our customers is convenience! To provide quality and ease of usability, CareSmartz360 follows the newest UI/UX Design trends.

We’ve significantly improved the search mechanism throughout our home care software for you to be able to search for what you require! Filter modifications have also been made across the software to give you more control over what data you see.

Furthermore, the addition of more columns to our reports for accommodating the crucial data was the other the most popular requests we received this year. And now this is made available to CareSmartz360 users for good!

17. New Powerful CareSmartz360 Integrations

CareSmartz360 software integrations are readily available, cost-effective, and simple to implement, making it possible for the businesses associated with us to meet the needs of their clients. This year, two new important integrations, Paychex and Izenda, have been added to CareSmartz360!

CareSmartz360 and Paychex Integration
“CareSmartz360 intends to simplify payroll intricacies of the home care industry with this integration and assist business owners with streamlined recruiting, regulatory compliance, benefits management, payroll processing, and reduce the risk of errors and penalties,” says James Merson, CCO Caresmartz.

CareSmartz360 and Izenda Integration
“Our Izenda integration powers CareSmartz360 with its self-service Business Intelligence tool, allowing agencies to generate powerful customized reports,” says Chief Customer Officer (CCO) James Merson.

18. Software Login Screen Update

For your easy access, we’ve added Play Store and App Store links on the software login screen to download the Agency App. It only takes a few minutes to download the application now!
Home care Software Login Screen Update

19. Admin Updates for Secure Control

CareSmartz360 provides dedicated Admin Controls for your company, allowing you to simply add users and configure security and settings to keep your data safe. 2021 had been a year full of updates offering you secure control over your business.

  • Experience enhanced UI in admin settings
  • ‘Reset Password’ permission has been made available to both Admins and Agency
  • Agency users will be able to manage the visibility of the DMAS-90 report and Weekly Care Summary individually.
  • The agency staff requires Admin permissions to access the Custom Forms

20. SSN Update

Previously, CareSmartz360 required a unique SSN for each user across your entire site. Now, the system will only limit a unique SSN to the same user type and office.

21. Quickbook Integration Enhancements

Like several modern platforms, CareSmartz360 also integrates with QuickBooks accounting software. To make your QuickBooks experience a breeze, CareSmartz360 is upgraded with the following abilities:

  • Ability to post partial data from Payroll screen to Quickbooks
  • Ability to void Invoices in QBO & QBD that are voided in the CareSmartz360 system

Quickbook Integration Updates

Wrapping Up’ 2021!

Since it was about evolving our product for the benefit of the home care community, 2021 was full of zeal and enthusiasm for us. After much research and brainstorming, we’ve made all of these significant enhancements and upgrades to our home care software solution.

Think any of these updates can help your business prosper in the New Year?

Request a demo or contact our team of experts! We’d love to hear from you.

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