Tips for Organizing your Calendar

organizing calendar

Anyone need scheduling tips?
Absolutely. We’re glad you asked.
Scheduling Tips for agency users is something that cannot be overstressed.

Here’s some of our advice on the matter:

1. The first thing you will wish to remember is to prioritize — prioritize, prioritize, prioritize!
What we mean is this — try and color-code every single day and activity, if you can, since you handle dozens upon dozens of assignments and to-do’s every single day. For instance, since you may very well be doing something entirely different every day, you might as well code and arrange different days and their tasks separately.

2. Another helpful hint is to, set aside 1 day each week for your admininstrative/business tasks and goals.

3. Set aside another day to devote entirely to research and care plan/package implementation as well as educational tasks & enrichment, etc.

4. Then, why not? How ‘bout a day set aside solely for your basic, core activities.

5. You need a ‘prep day’, so perhaps Tuesday will be just fine for that.

6. And we can’t forget we need a day off. How about Saturday?

7. Last but not least, schedule in a couple days for your home and community activities.

Get the idea? Creativity is key, and so is balance. Create and keep a balanced caregiver schedule.

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