How to Match Home Care Clients with the Perfect Caregiver?

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  • August 30, 2019
Match Perfect Caregiver

Caregiver Management Portal? Know what it is? It’s that amazing entryway into all things that a caregiving service professional, be they in-home or within a medical facility, can access, at all hours to access personal payroll logs, bill for missed hours, schedule patient visits, discuss work content with other employees, share memos, attend live training webinars or videos, and more. Most importantly, home care scheduling software is also ideal for matching up clients with the ideal caregiver for them.

A good home care software will let you select all of the care needs for every client and also all of the skills for every caregiver. Then, you can use the program to see who might be the best fit, based on what their needs and other preferences they are looking for. It sounds simple, right? It really is, that is, until you schedule a meeting….

That’s where things can either lead to a ‘yay’ or a ‘nay’ on behalf of the client. Now, keep the following in mind, as it happens more often than you will believe, in the caregiving industry. You may think you’ve got the ‘perfect match’ nailed down, based on your client’s and the caregiver’s profiles, but when they actually meet up or discuss further over the phone or by Skype, for instance, you may find that chemistry isn’t “all there anymore”.

Then what? Not to worry. Just keep trying!

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