New Feature Release- Ad Hoc Schedules to Organize Shifts On-the-Go

Ad Hoc Scheduling Software

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

– Maya Angelou, Civil Rights Activist

This quote perfectly sums up customer engagement and unleashes the magic of creating meaningful customer connections.

The home care industry is revolutionizing and foresees 2023 as a great year for the rising new type of agencies and elderly with higher expectations throughout the home care journey.

We at CareSmartz360 understand the power of providing the best care to patients, which is why we believe in transforming the way you provide care. And our monthly product updates are a testimony of this fact.

We’re excited to announce that the Caresmartz team has been tirelessly developing new-fangled features to help you ace your customer engagement efforts. This March product update brings a lot of features to revolutionize care- travel time and mileage rate customizations, caregiver location tracking, EVV integration, to name a few.

The one feature that home care agencies asked for the most was Ad Hoc Scheduling. They demanded it, and here we are with a feature to organize shifts on the go.

Catch a Glimpse of What’s Ad Hoc Scheduling

CareSmartz360 has updated its software to organize caregivers accurately and efficiently. With this update, caregivers can create schedules with their assigned clients from the caregiver mobile app and the caregiver portal based on the agency’s office settings.

Earlier, the process of scheduling spontaneous shifts was long. Client requests went to the agency, where they further assigned caregiver shifts. Client requests went to the agency, where they were assigned caregiver shifts of course this does not consider when clients changed their minds as the caregiver arrived leaving the caregiver to call in to the agency to change the shift details.

Ad hoc scheduling has changed the way shifts are scheduled. Clients can request shifts directly from the caregivers, which caregivers can create and clock in/out right from their mobile app. Agencies can confirm/approve their shifts after they’ve been performed, making it more efficient for agencies.

The Ad Hoc Scheduling feature allows caregivers to schedule one-time shifts with just a few clicks quickly. However, it’s worth saying that the latest scheduling feature makes the process faster and simpler.

How Does Ad Hoc Scheduling Prove Beneficial?

As a home care software provider, we understand the challenges home care agencies face with providing quality care to your clients in the middle of managing caregiver schedules efficiently. We at CareSmartz360 are excited to introduce you to ad hoc scheduling- a revolutionary solution for optimizing your home care services while benefiting caregivers.

Ad hoc scheduling allows caregivers to create shifts by simply clocking in and out for a service with a client. This scheduling method can provide numerous benefits for both you as the home care agency and your caregivers, including:

  • Cost-Efficient:

    Ad-hoc scheduling greatly benefits home care agencies as it helps save costs. By allowing caregivers to create schedules on their own, you will be able to reduce the time and resources spent on both scheduling and staffing. This feature allows agency owners to free up resources for other crucial business areas. In addition, home care scheduling becomes hassle-free with little to no intervention from agencies, improving operations and saving costs.

  • Improved Communication:

    Ad Hoc scheduling greatly improves communication between caregivers and clients, which leads to better outcomes and a higher quality of care for clients.

  • Enhanced Satisfaction:

    Ad hoc scheduling enhances both client & caregiver satisfaction. Yes, with greater flexibility to schedule shifts, caregivers feel empowered as they can easily accept shift requests, helping them offer quality care.

    This feature makes clients more satisfied, knowing their care meets their expectations.

  • More Flexibility:

    Ad Hoc Scheduling brings more flexibility for caregivers in selecting shifts that fit their availability and work around their other commitments. This reduces the risk of burnout and stress amongst caregivers, which helps strike a better work-life balance.

  • Improved Recruitment & Retention:

    Ad Hoc Scheduling proves valuable for recruiting and retaining caregivers. When caregivers have greater flexibility in their schedules, they’re more likely to select your agency over competitors and more likely to stay with the agency over time.

  • Personalized Care:

    With this type of scheduling, caregivers can work with clients one-on-one, facilitating them to understand the client’s requirements and preferences much better. This further leads to more effective and efficient care, fostering greater client satisfaction.

In Essence

CareSmartz360 brings regular updates to take our product to the next level. Ad hoc scheduling makes life easier for home care agency providers, caregivers, and clients. It combines quality and convenience, creating software that drives agencies to pave a path for better care.

With the latest enhancements, CareSmartz360 is empowering the home care community to exceed customer engagement, create those meaningful connections that clients will remember and we are just getting started!

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