Simple Steps to get Compliance for Home Care Agencies

state wise evv implementation

If you are a home care agency owner, you’ve probably aware of the mandate to implement Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). The deadline to implement EVV in home care is January 1st, 2020.

It is crucial for the home care agencies to get compliance before the deadline to avoid a condition where their Medicaid claims could be rejected. Here we are sharing quick steps that would make you EVV ready and compliant before it’s too late! Don’t just wait for the deadline to approach!

Check Your State’s Regulations

Firstly, you need to understand that every state has different criteria for EVV. There could be some necessary aspects valid in one state but at the same time exempted in other. You initially need to know the regulations of your state before you move further to the next step.

Apart from this, it is necessarily crucial for you to check the need for any certifications and specific licenses that you may require to be compliant with the federal government and your state. There might be a chance that your state may demand some certifications besides the ones that you already have. However, this entirely depends on a particular state’s regulations.

Pick a Vendor

Once you have gone through the regulations for your state, it is the time to choose a reliable vendor. The federal government and state allow the home care agencies to choose any EVV vendor of their choice. This simply means you can research and find a suitable service provider by ensuring that their solution makes your agency compliant.

It would be a great decision to pick a complete home care management solution that also helps in streamlining your business processes. For instance, you can choose a solution that offers billing, payroll management, scheduling, HR & training, etc. This could help in scaling your business growth.

Ensure Training and Implement

As soon as you finalize the vendor, it is your responsibility to make your staff and caregivers aware of the same. Furthermore, adequate training regarding the use of centralized home care management software with EVV is mandatory.

Your vendor would undoubtedly provide adequate training to use the software for enhanced output. The same is required for your clients so that they can understand how they can utilize the software for their better care.

Don’t Miss the Deadline

The thing that shouldn’t be missed by home care agencies is that they have to implement EVV before January 1st, 2020. Failing to this would lead to rejections of Medicaid claims. Most of the home care agencies have already implemented EVV and are now compliant with the federal government & their respected state.

Be sure to be compliant, streamline processes, and scale business growth.

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