EVV Implementation – Preparing your Agency to Get Compliance before Jan 2020

evv implementation deadline 2020

Are you a non-medical home care agency owner and don’t have any knowledge about Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), and why it is mandatory for your business? Well, in that case, you’ve got to read this post thoroughly!

EVV is an advanced way of tracking the clock-in and clock-out times of a caregiver while they are serving a client. With Medicaid frauds being quite common in different states, the federal government has made it mandatory for home care agencies to ensure EVV implementation before January 2020.

Failing to implement this before the deadline may lead to Medicaid rejections. Here’s how you can prepare your agency to be EVV ready in five easy steps.

Step 1: Know Your State Rules

Every state has different EVV rules. You need to understand your state’s EVV regulations, which would lend a hand in deciding your EVV vendor. One state may have some rules that others might exempt, and thus, you need to check whether your state has some additional principles for Medicaid claims.

The easiest way to check your state’s regulations is to download the EVV Guide that could be quite helpful in understanding what and how to implement it for your home care agency.

Step 2: Analyze what Else you can get Besides EVV

Since most of the EVV-based home care management software comes with built-in functionalities like scheduling, payroll and invoice management, etc. it becomes easier for your agencies to streamline their processes.

Getting compliance isn’t just what a home care agency would require to run their business flawlessly in 2020 and beyond; smart management is the key to success. Research and shortlist service providers that can offer these functionalities that can grow your business.

Step 3: Finalize a Vendor

As per the federal government, agencies can pick an EVV vendor of their choice. They must meet compliance standards. The ‘Provider Choice Model’ allows agencies to finalize any vendor that offers an electronic visit verification solution.

Many home care agencies are already relying on third-party home care management software, and they doubt whether they need to invest in a new system or their current software may solve the purpose. If it is an EVV system, they can continue using the same. Just in case it isn’t, they have to find a reliable home care management solution with an EVV solution.

Step 4: Consider the Deadline

Most of the states will deny your Medicaid reimbursements after January 1st, 2020, against Personal Care Services (PCS) if you are not EVV compliant agency. Every claim with digital evidence as EVV reports and data need to be submitted to the state, which approves the claims after verification.

It’s time to act to make your home care agency compliant and receive flawless services that include reimbursements against Medicaid. It is strongly recommended to consider the EVV Implementation Deadline and act before it affects your business.

Step 5: Ensure Adequate Training to your Staff

Once you have selected the right vendor and implemented EVV, it is time to train your staff. Using a mobile application or software suite that manages your caregivers, clients, and staff members require proper training.

It is your responsibility to ensure your staff, especially caregivers, are well trained regarding the portal before you completely rely on technology.


With the increasing demand for caregivers, home care agencies can make hay while the sun shines!  Besides the technological advancements and its positive outcomes for the agencies, one shouldn’t ignore the importance of being compliant before the deadline.

Note: Some states may have different deadlines for implementing EVV. It is recommended to consider your state rules for EVV deadline and other compliance-related information.

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