What Your EVV Software Needs to Be Compliant

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The deadline for home care agencies to implement Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is January 1, 2020.

With the growing importance of EVV in home care and the final date for EVV implementation nearing, ensuring your software meets all requirements can feel overwhelming.

Read on what parameters to consider when choosing a third-party EVV solution.

Service type performed

The EVV software must record the type of service performed by the caregiver. Agencies need to claim Medicaid reimbursements by submitting the electronic data.

Details of individual receiving the service

Client details-address, contact number, emergency number, age-and other similar details should be a part of the report generated through EVV.

Date of Service

It is an absolute must that the Electronic Visit Verification software records the service date.

Service delivery location

Location is yet another crucial parameter that must be recorded electronically by the EVV software.

Most home care management solutions have this feature. Nevertheless, it’s best to research before finalizing one.

Details of the individual providing the service

The software must include the details of the caregiver offering service to clients. It is vital, as when a caregiver doesn’t reach the location, the agency can assign another caregiver.

Beginning and end time of service

It is crucial that the EVV software precisely tracks the beginning and end time of care. The platform should record the caregiver’s clock-in and clock-out timings for final billing and payroll management.

The state demands proper EVV data that it analyzes for reimbursing the claims against Medicaid for non-medical care services.

So, every home care agency offering non-medical care must ensure their EVV solution offers them these functionalities so they can get timely claims for the service they offer.


Selecting the right EVV solution is crucial to meet regulatory requirements and get financial reimbursements on time.

Choose the one offering detailed data capture functionalities. This way, home care agencies can guarantee accurate service documentation and continued high-quality care for their clients.

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