January 2020 is the EVV Implementation Deadline – Are You Ready?

evv mandate 2020

Are you a home care agency owner? Did you implement Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)? No? You may end up rejecting your Medicaid claims soon!

You might be aware of EVV for home care business, but do you know you have to implement it before January 2020? Yes, this is the deadline for all agencies serving in multiple states.

The EVV mandate clearly says that the agencies need to be EVV compliant before January 1st, 2020, to avoid rejections of Medicaid reimbursements. Here are some aspects that require consideration if you are running a non-medical home care agency in the United States.

How to Implement EVV?

Most of the home care agencies aren’t sure about how they can implement EVV, especially the ones who are already using some kind of home care management system. If you are already using software that is empowered by EVV, you need not consider another solution as you are already compliant.

The ones that are still relying on conventional paperwork to maintain records need to find a suitable vendor that can help their agency in being compliant. The thing that requires adequate consideration is the fact that every state has its own regulations. One should get an insight into the regulations as per their state before implementing EVV.

What type of EVV System must be used?

The Federal Government and state allows a system that electronically verifies the caregiver’s punch-in and punch-out timings for both health care and personal care services. One should consider that the system that they choose must electronically track:

  • Type of service was performed
  • Individual receiving the service
  • Date of the service
  • Location of the client receiving the service
  • The caregiver offering the service
  • Time of beginning and ending of the service
  • Location tracking of the caregiver
These are the basics of any EVV-based home care management software as per the EVV Mandate 2020.

Is there any specific type of EVV system that states must implement?

There is no mandate for that. States have significant discretion to choose the EVV system as per their needs. However, it should collect all of the statutorily mandated information on personal care and home health care services that requires an in-home visit by a care provider.

The systems that fulfill this criterion could be considered by the home care agencies that could make them compliant for claiming Medicaid.

Is the EVV training mandatory?

Yes, the EVV training is mandatory for State EVV solution users and provider EVV users. Human errors and failure to record crucial information may result in the denial of claims. The home care agency need to emphasize training for their staff and caregivers to reduce the chances of error.


These are some aspects associated with EVV and its implementation. Home care agencies are strictly advised to implement the same before January 1st, 2020, to avoid future Medicaid rejections.

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