How Home Care Businesses can Improve Care Quality through EVV?

Quality Improvement through EVV

How EVV Can Help Home Care?

The EVV software solution  we know today is literally laden with enriching benefits to the overall ‘layout’ we know for better home care.

A good EVV system will provide supporting documentation to support all of the services provided to the client. It will demonstrative when the care begins and ends, the type of care provided, and the signature or approval from the client who received the care in the comfort of his or her own home.

An EVV system goes well with the staff training you wish to show to your employees, even on how to use the EVV itself. The benefits are probably endless, and more aware employees will lead to a better quality of service to the patient overall, who is the customer in this case.

Compliance, to further note, is a great factor with some great benefits, of which your home care business need to be honing in on and taking full benefit of — if it isn’t already, that is. In terms of EVV compliance, we can note that this has been carefully measured by the adoption rate, in accordance with all mandated EVV technology.

But that’s not all; the overall cost of implementation, for a system like EVV, is remarkably reduced as well, thereby helping your business or practice to have more time, funds and other resources to work on what really matters, which should be both patient success and good profit.

Plus, EVV’s systems are, for the most part, quite easily integrated with a plethora of other online Medicaid programs and protocols out on the internet today. This means that most of the time, you do not have to give up one in place of the other but may get the full benefits of both together.

In other words, the EVV won’t work against any other systems you’ve been using so far but will instead supplement them in anyway it can. It will even add to what they may be lacking on various ends. That sounds like a “win-win” scenario for everyone, now, does it not?

Final Thoughts on the EVV System for Home Care

On that point, some data systems that can easily integrate with EVV have been known to include FMS, E&E, and MMIS, using diverse choice models, too. There is also a benefit estimated 90% federal match to go with that last point given.

Not bad, right? So for all these reasons, and several more, quality of patient care can still see its best days ahead through the right use of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV).

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