How to Use Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) in Home Care Visits?

Home Care Visits

In fact, the use of EVV in home care, when properly scoped out, is a gem in a minefield. How to use EVV in home care and make the most of it, then?

Well, as mentioned, use it in all forms that apply to your situation, including through biometric recognition, through mobile tech, and even through the proper telephony, for instance. Capture your data, verify caregiver visits through multiple channels, and monitor the safety of your caregivers as well as patients, and much more.

Get a caregiver mobile app. The one you can rely on for accurately verifying each and every single visit. Believe it,for just one visit alone, it will make all the difference. Think about what it can do for you on a consistent basis, saving you time and inconvenience. Your caregivers will be able to clock-in and clock-out their visits, they can find client’s location on a map, have every detail of the care plan delivery, and can be able to make any last minute requests.

In addition, have you thought about engaging EVV’s multiple language support options, which I’m sure you’ve heard of? Use them, especially when your potential in-home patients may not speak English as their first language. This can help tremendously when there’s an unexpected language or cultural barrier in place.

We've just scratched the surface.

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