Planning Thanksgiving for Caregivers

planning thanksgiving for caregiver

Caregiving is one of the toughest yet the most awarding profession of all time. With millions of people caregiving, be it working ones, professional caregivers, or family caregivers, they aren’t eligible for vacations!

The objective

The objective of celebrating this Thanksgiving with caregivers is to acknowledge the vocation of the ones who care for others without prioritizing their personal and professional life. Whether it is sparing time to manage the meal preparation for the elderly or listening to the clients whenever they feel lonely, there’s always a caregiver.

is our responsibility to extend our gratitude to the ones who always stand out when it comes to their duties in making aging less tiring. Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion for anyone who is getting care and help in any form through a caregiver even if their caregiver is a family member.

Why is it important?

The relation between a caregiver and care recipient is priceless, especially when they both share mutual understanding. Highlighting the role of caregivers in easing the lives of the elderly is an essential part of maintaining this bond, which further plays a crucial role in the care recipient’s lives.

Though a caregiver doesn’t expect any physical gift or appreciation, a little effort from the recipient or their family can make their day. The unexpected surprises that caregivers receive from the ones they serve make them feel special.

Is there a need to focus on a specific age group or condition?

You can plan a general celebration for all types of caregivers with a common motive to offer your gratitude and showcase your affection. Alternatively, you can focus on a particular group of caregivers, including old, young, or disease-specific caregivers.

What can be done to thank caregivers?

There are many ways you can make your caregivers feel special. Here are the means through which you can plan a remarkable Thanksgiving for your caregivers.

Plan a Thanksgiving lunch:

A delicious delight is all that it takes to make any ordinary day an outstanding one! While your caregivers are completing their daily hours, ensure that they have the best lunch treat you can. This helps make them feel valued.

Another great way is to plan a surprise lunch for your caregivers. This could be a planned event where you can ask the caregivers to have lunch with you where you have special arrangements for them.

Spend some quality time together:

Besides the daily chores and long hours of duty, ensure that your caregiver’s Thanksgiving Day isn’t like any ordinary day. It would be great to add a pinch of personal touch to everything that can enhance their day. Whether it is pictures, decorations, or gifts; everything can be planned while keeping your caregiver in mind.

Another great option is to plan games at your home, or there are ample activities that require little effort. A movie or a favorite T.V. show can contribute to a great evening. You can even play games like puzzles, bingo, cards, or charades.

In some cases, it is quite challenging for elderly individuals who are in their 70’s or 80’s to arrange these activities. They should ask for a bit of help from their family members to plan something special for the ones who care for them.

Invite their Family for a Surprise Treat:

Another great way to surprise your caregiver this Thanksgiving Day is by inviting their family for a surprise lunch. This is a brilliant idea to depict your gratitude towards them and their entire family on this auspicious occasion.

Order a cake, possibly buy gifts, and decorate your home with flowers and decorative items, to help contribute to a remarkable Thanksgiving Day.

Here’s an Infographic illustrating the ways you can thank a Caregiver:

8 ways to thank a caregiver

These are some ways you can leave your caregiver with some non-volatile memories when your aging entirely depends on the care and support they offer.

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