Plan your Thanksgiving with Elders in Style

5 Ways You Can Plan Your Thanksgiving Day with Your Elders

planning thanksgiving day with your elders

Thanksgiving is a time to be surrounded by friends, family, and a lot of delicious food. As it approaches, we are reminded to count our blessings and be thankful. However, it can also be a difficult time for both seniors as well as their caregivers. Many seniors feel lonely and depressed during the holiday season as they miss their loved ones, and the feeling of being dependent does not let them enjoy the holidays to the fullest. On the other hand, caregivers have a burden on their shoulders to make the holidays memorable for their elderly charges. It might be a big task, but caregivers are always looking for ways to cheer up their clients.

Here are 5 ways which can make this Thanksgiving a remarkable day for seniors:

Invite their family:

Elders are most likely to miss their loved ones on occasions like Thanksgiving. As a caregiver, you can invite the family of your elderly charge to dine-in for a Thanksgiving dinner. The presence of their loved ones will put a smile on their face.

Ask for assistance:

Often, the elderly feel lonely and left out because nobody asks or lets them help. While you help other family members in preparing dinner, ask for the elderly’s assistance as well. Seniors are most likely to have fun ways of making the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Not only will their assistance contribute to a delicious meal, it will also make them feel appreciated.

Plan a fun Thanksgiving activity:

Thanksgiving is all about having fun together with your family. Creative activities are not only fun but also involves the entire family. As a caregiver, you can plan some fun activities like decorating a pumpkin. You can bring in a pumpkin for each family member and ask them to decorate it in the best way possible. Instead of dangerous craving, suggest them to use paints, ribbons, and sharpies. This way, the seniors will also be able to take part in it and enjoy.

Arrange a potluck meal:

As you invite the family of the elderly over, ask them to bring a dish. There will be a variety of dishes for the Thanksgiving meal. This way you can ask the elderly to assist you in baking the dish they love the most. The elderly are always ready to help and often have fun ways to experiment with dishes.

Make the family sit together:

Thanksgiving is a day where the entire family comes together to enjoy some quality time. Suggest that they ditch the electronics or limiting it to just a couple of pictures. Instead of recording, try living the memories for a change. Try digging out some old family pictures which the entire family can look at and cherish old memories.

On Thanksgiving Day, remember to be thankful and enjoy this time together. Leave the stress behind, set the perfect table, eat some scrumptious food, and don’t forget to thank the elderly.

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