How Can In-Home Caregivers Help Seniors Age with Dignity and Privacy?

Caregivers Helping Seniors Age with Dignity and Privacy

Aging with dignity and privacy is a main concern for seniors, especially when they are transitioning into receiving in-home support from a caregiver. The concern isn’t solely for the senior receiving care but also for their family. This transition can be a big adjustment for everyone involved and they may feel uncomfortable at the start.

Individuals who become unable to perform their tasks of daily living as they age due to an illness or injury, may need assistance with using the restroom, feeding, bathing, or dressing. This puts a person in a very vulnerable state and puts their dignity and privacy at risk.

Some seniors feel that getting older and receiving assistance with the activities of daily living may lead to the loss of dignity and independence. However, in-home caregivers for the elderly can alleviate these ever-growing concerns by following a respectful approach, especially when offering utmost care for an aging elderly.

Here are some ways to help your elderly maintain a sense of dignity:

  • Respect Privacy:

    Caregivers must always knock on the door before entering the room.  When caregiver’s assist with tasks such as dressing, bathing and toileting they should allow the person to complete the task on their own as much as possible,especially if they’re physically able to accomplish it. For instance, they can stand on the other side of the room when your loved one uses the restroom. This shows that their privacy is kept intact.

    While some seniors may need help with a few routine tasks to maintain independence, others with serious illnesses may need more specialized assistance.

    All caregivers are expertly trained to understand the senior situation and maintain a safer and more comfortable place for them.

  • Schedule Successful Outings:

    Caregivers need to plan outings for people with dementia because they depend on someone else’s guidance to navigate the world around them. Going on an outing with a person who has dementia can be challenging, but a change in environment is very good for people in general, and without it, can lead to isolation, stress, or depression.

    Here are some strategies to assist caregivers in planning successful outings for a person with dementia:

    • Ensure the distance is manageable.
    • Choose restaurants where food is easy to chew, cut and digest.
    • Go out only when they’re in good spirits.

    Compassionate care helps maintain balanced physical, mental, and emotional health leading to  a higher quality of life.

  • Employ Therapeutic Strategies:

    As people age, they’re at a higher risk for age-related issues, including reduced bone & muscle mass and impaired vision, amongst others. These inabilities prevent them from completing activities of daily living.

    Caregivers for the elderly can employ a therapeutic fibbing strategy that protects one’s dignity. For instance, if seniors have limited mobility and wish to drive to the doctor, carers can say that the car keys have been  misplaced and as an alternative offer them a ride as it’s crucial for them to step outside the house for a little while.

  • Be Watchful of Your Tone:

    Using parental tones while caring for an older adult may feel natural. However, caregivers should avoid this, as their tone can come across as disrespectful. Helping your loved one with activities of daily living should not make them feel like they’re your child.

    It is important for in-home caregivers to speak to the person they are caring for as an equal without using patronizing words while communicating with them.

Final Words

Depending on the type of assistance needed by the seniors, it may be impossible to provide them with complete privacy. However, this should not hamper caregivers from still maintaining dignity and privacy as much as possible, and in a respectful manner.

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