National Caregiver’s Day – How Home Care Agencies can Appreciate Caregivers

national caregiver day

National Caregiver’s Day is perhaps the right day to honor and thank the people who are always there to make aging less difficult for the elderly.

Caregivers aren’t just the ones who offer both physical and mental support but are the souls that sacrifice their crucial time meeting the diverse requirements of the adults. The ones who receive care, along with their family members, are always thankful to their caregivers. But as a home care agency honor, it is equally important to extend your gratitude towards your caregivers.

Here’s a list of ways you can appreciate caregivers for all those efforts they put in ensuring a healthy and blissful life of the elderly individuals.

Send a Wholehearted Greeting Card

Caregivers aren’t the ones who are working for earning. Sometimes all that they need is an appreciation to keep the good work going. Whether they are caring for adults with Alzheimer’s or an individual seeking mental support, they may face situations that may eventually demotivate them.

This is the time when they need fuel in the form of appreciation. Since verbal praise is a good idea, but writing down their importance and contribution to society is the best way to make them feel delighted. Get a special greeting card and write down the things special about them and let them know that they are special to you.

A Special Gift

Since caregiving isn’t a piece of cake, you should understand that caregivers also require quality time for themselves. It would be great if you plan an outing for them. For instance, a movie ticket, or a theatre performance could be the right gift for the caregivers where they can unwind and get a break from their regular schedule.

Also, you can book an appointment at their favorite spa where they can relax and get enough quality time. These small efforts on this special day could leave them with some of the non-volatile memories that further boost their enthusiasm towards work.

As a home care agency, it could be quite challenging for you to arrange such gifts for all the caregivers at the same time. Hence, it is recommended that you must plan the same in a way that everyone could avail of the benefits and get the most out of their special day.

Give them a Call

It is always rewarding to call the caregivers and tell them right away how amazing they are and how they are transforming elderly living. This would not only make them feel delighted that you care for them but eventually helps in maintaining a positive conversation & attitude between both of you.

Ask them how’s everything going and do they need any kind of help or support. Try to provide a solution to the issues that they are facing. Make sure you spend a good time appreciating their efforts and how it helped people and your organization in building trust.

Invoke the Potential of Technology

Some cool gadgets and smart mobile apps can simplify things for caregivers. The market is full of gadgets that can help caregivers organize their stuff in a better way. Devices like a motion sensor that can detect movement for the ones with Alzheimer’s or Dementia could be the perfect gift that can prevent unusual wandering of the elderly.

Apart from this, an automated pill dispenser or a meal reminder could also be of great help especially for the ones who are involved in long hour shifts.

A Surprise Lunch

A special lunch or dinner treat for your caregivers at their favorite place could be a great way to appreciate their efforts and their importance. Scrumptious delight after an exhausting day is perhaps the best way to unwind.

You can also plan a lunch at your place and prepare their favorite dishes that can eventually make them feel pleased. Moreover, a cake ceremony on the eve of National Caregiver’s Day at your office premises could be yet another way of thanking your dedicated caregivers working tirelessly for better senior care.

These small efforts make the caregivers feel special and could be quite rewarding for the home care agencies in terms of caregiver retention.

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