Acknowledge Your Hardworking Caregivers this National Caregiver’s Day

Acknowledge Your Hardworking Caregivers this National Caregiver’s Day

Caregiving is perhaps a job that is stressful and rewarding at the same time. We cannot imagine a day without thanking these angels who are always there to make the elderly individuals comfortable and ensure they age with less difficulty.

National Caregiver’s Day is perhaps an opportunity to show your appreciation to the caregivers who spend their lives in delivering care and support for the adults.

Here we have compiled all the information for home care agencies and the elderly individuals regarding this big day and how they can make this day a remarkable one.

What’s National Caregiver’s Day?

National Caregiver’s Day is observed to honor the ones who work tirelessly to help elderly people with their aging by delivering adequate care and hospice. The ones delivering medical care along with the ones offering personal care services are honored on this day.

The day falls on every third Friday of February and this year, it is 21st Feb. Most of the caregivers remain unacknowledged throughout the year. This day is solely dedicated to those superheroes that don’t wear cape often but are ones on whom the adults rely blindfolded.

Whether you are an agency owner, an elderly receiving care, or an acquaintance of someone receiving care, make sure you get the best out of this opportunity in extending your gratitude.

When did it start?

The first National Caregiver’s Day was celebrated in the year 2016. PAHHHA (Providers Association for Home Health and Hospice Agencies) initially founded the day in the year 2015. The idea was to ensure adequate appreciation for the caregivers, family caregivers, and personal care service providers to make them realize that someone’s there to care for them.

How to Celebrate?

It entirely depends on you how you wish to extend your thankfulness towards the caregivers in your life. Here’s how you can make a day special for the caregivers around you:

For Home Care Agency Owners

Most of the home care service providers are eager to celebrate the big day with their dedicated caregivers who have woven a trust over the elderly individuals from decades. While most of the agency owners aren’t actually aware of the day.

If you are also an agency owner and on a hunt for the right day to appreciate your agency’s caregivers, this National Caregiver’s Day is undoubtedly the perfect one. Here’s what you can do:

  • Plan a surprise lunch/dinner
  • Call them and say how fortunate you are to have them as a part of your business
  • Plan a cake cutting ceremony at your office premises
  • Give them a heartfelt greeting card
  • Gift them movie tickets or a voucher of their favorite spa

These are the ways an agency can thank their hardworking caregivers.

For the Elderly Receiving Care

Since the adults that are receiving care may or may not be in a state to deliver their best in organizing a huge feast, a smart effort could be all that they would need. You can invite the family of your caregiver at your place and plan a surprise treat for your beloved caregiver. It would be great if you could order their favorite dishes and organize a happening treat.

Apart from this, you can also plan a lunch or dinner at their favorite restaurant on this special day. This would not only give them a break from their regular schedule but eventually leave them with some incredible memories.

For the Acquaintances of the Elderly Receiving Care

If your family or friends is receiving care from a caregiver and you are thankful for them, this day is perhaps the one you shouldn’t miss to acknowledge their contribution. Many caregivers don’t get enough motivation and appreciation, which is perhaps the reason they are unable to put more effort into their job.

There are people who care for Alzheimer’s or Dementia and hardly receive any appreciation from the elderly. A little appreciation from the elderly’s family members is all that they would need to boost their morale. Take them out on lunch, give them a day off, or give them movie tickets. This way they can realize that there’s someone who cares for them.

Caregivers are undeniably an integral part of our society and their contribution has transformed millions of lives. Though we shouldn’t miss any chance to appreciate their efforts; this National Caregiver’s Day is special and one must put effort into making it a non-volatile memory for their caregivers.

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