Are You Using Mobile Apps in Your Care Business?

Are You Using Mobile Apps in Your Care Business? - Caresmartz Blog

Just like food, yoga, work and money is part of everyone’s life, mobile apps have also found a permanent spot on our handheld devices, like Smartphones and Tablets. For everything we want to know, explore or do – there’s an app for that!

  • What’s the weather today? There’s an app to answer you based on your location.
  • Want to read a book? There’s an app to do that and suggest new ones based on your reading history.
  • Want to listen to your favorite songs? There’s an app for that!

For news across the world, sports updates, playing games, shopping, taking notes or pretty much anything else, yes there’s an app for everything now.

Mobile apps are here to stay. In health care, apps will be changing the ways patients’ access health care, the way data is collected and used, the development of new treatments, how care providers and patients communicate, and more. Going by the numbers, more than a hundred thousand health care related apps are already available. By 2020, the mobile health care market is expected to be worth nearly $60 billion.

For home care agencies, mobile tech provides immense benefits to both caregivers and patients. If you aren’t using mobile apps in your home care business, we are sharing some compelling reasons that we hope to grab your attention and show you why you should be implementing apps.

Enhanced Efficiency

Caregivers spend a lot of time commuting every day while visiting the patients. Reducing travel time is the biggest challenge agencies face while scheduling care providers. Mobile apps allow agencies to schedule visits and create routes that are the most efficient and productive. GPS capabilities integrated within the application can help to calculate the travel distance, verify caregiver’s arrival and departure, and show in real-time the location of caregivers. A visit can be scheduled for a caregiver at the last minute and notify them wherever that caregiver is at that moment without making phone calls.

A mobile app can also help care providers complete and submit paperwork after every visit. The app can show patient information, the care plan of the patient, and any previous notes of another caregiver who attended the same patient before. Eventually, it helps in increasing efficiency and delivery of quality care that creates financial advantages for your agency.

Lower Costs

If you use a customizable mobile app for your agency needs, the benefits outweigh the investments. Using an app to schedule and reroute a caregiver will cut down travel expenses, mileage reimbursements and wait time. Predefined care checklists will help stay compliant to patient care plans and other regulations, thereby evading possibilities of fines and legal suits. Even digitizing some of the functions that have been traditionally handled on paper, such as time sheets and payroll, can save money for your agency.

Better Communications

The most important aspect in the care business is the communication between the agency, care providers, patients, physicians, and the patient’s family. A mobile app is integrated with features that allow quick and efficient communication in real time to share care plans, discuss progress, talk about potential issues, and ask questions. Staying updated and informed about every client and caregiver makes decision making hassle-free.

With custom developed mobile apps, you can streamline managing patients, caregivers, and agency operations. If your home care agency is not yet using mobile apps, it is high time you reap the benefits, equip your staff with these tools, and stay ahead of competitors.

To find out if your business needs Homecare mobile application solutions and to find out how it can help you become more efficient, Request a free consultation.

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