Why Does In-home Care be a Win-Win for Seniors with Dementia?

In-home Care be a Win-Win for Seniors with Dementia

People with dementia are special because their needs and health conditions demand special care and attention. Caring for dementia patients can be a challenge as their needs differ from the needs of non-dementia people. Out of all, staying in a familiar and secure environment is the primary requirement of most people suffering from dementia.

They crave to stay in the surroundings friendly to them. In that case, it may only be their home, surrounded by family members, and friends.

If you have someone in your family suffering from dementia and you do not have the time to provide them quality care, consider in-home care services. People with dementia require long-term care, and their growing needs seek higher levels of care and protection. With time, they would even require round-the-clock care, which is difficult for someone who works full-time to earn living for the family.

The best solution is to hire a caregiver as they are experts in giving in-home care as well as personal care services. They are the professionals who understand the changing moods of those with dementia and can handle them with love and affection.

As per the industry experts, around 80 % of dementia people would prefer staying at home than moving out to caregiving centers to get personal care services.

Before you reach out to the home care agencies to get personal or home care services for your loved ones, consider the following points to see if you are choosing the best for yourself and your family members.

  • Look for the caregiver’s license.
  • Know how long they have been working in the industry?
  • Check reviews and feedback by the clients.
  • Talk to your acquaintances if they have opted for any such service.
  • Ask if they have a flexible schedule.
  • Have a look at their care plan.
  • Talk to them in detail.
  • Do not forget about your budget.

After you have followed the above steps in choosing the right home care and personal care services for your loved ones, you will experience immense benefits like:

  • On-demand Service: Home care services are considered the best for dementia people because their dynamic needs require immediate attention. This is only possible when a person is overseeing them 24/7 and right away meeting their demands. Apart from this, you as a family member can also ask for any care service on demand as per the requirement.
  • Specialized Care: At caregiving centers, caregivers look after several people at a time, but this is not the case with in-home care services. At home, caregivers pay full attention and offer specialized care. In the home, care services can also be customized as per the needs of the person as well as the family. This certainly is not the case when opting for alternative care services.
  • Safe Environment: Your loved ones remain under continuous supervision at home. Sometimes any family member visits them or any friend or may even a neighbour. So, they are always surrounded by people they are familiar with, which gives them a sense of security and offers peace of mind.
  • Life Companion: Caregivers who stay with people who have dementia for full days end up being their companions. So, if you opt for in-home care services, your loved ones will earn a friend for life. So, it is the love, care, and support that often come complimentary with professional care services.
  • Family Relations: A caregiver becomes a family caregiver if hired for the long term. How? Here it is. Caregivers hired for full-time care understands the behaviour and needs of their client. The dementia patient as well as the dementia caregivers becomes comfortable with time. The familiarity with the person suffering from dementia increases as they become aware of the client’s history and the changing moods. After having spent several days with your loved one, you would not want a new caregiver to step in and start from scratch. So, in-home caregiving services end up building family relations.
  • Familiar to the Client’s History: A caregiver who spends a whole day in continuity for a long time gets accustomed to the changing requirements of the dementia patient. The caregiver is comfortable and can adapt themselves without fuss. He or she understands the client’s history and can provide favourable solutions in an emergency.

Under the keen surveillance of experts, dementia people can live a happy, healthy, and dignified life. In the hands of experts, the life of dementia people gets enriched as they do not only get care but also affection and endless support. The caregivers enrol their clients in productive activities, which is not possible for a family member considering the hectic work schedule. Dementia people get to participate in meaningful activities like drawing, painting, singing, dancing, knitting, etc.

Such activities reduce the further development of symptoms of dementia. Engaging your loved ones in such activities on daily basis would not be easy as it requires a continuous check to prevent them from getting injured or causing any other harm.

With comprehensive personal care and home care service, Caresmartz assures you that your loved ones will receive care from the best team of experts.

Caregivers are not only trained to offer specialized services but also can assist with regular home chores like transportation, cooking, driving, laundry, dressing, bathing a patient, and even cleaning. If you are looking forward to getting exceptional care services for your loved ones, we are just a click away.

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