Less Spooky Halloween for Seniors

Less Spooky Halloween for seniors

Halloween is a time of the year when many people are on streets in spooky outfits having fun trick or treating. Many kids and adults seem to enjoy this day to the fullest; seniors, on the other hand, might find this day a little difficult.

Unexpected visitors, scary costumes, and loud voices are some things that are very common on Halloween. These things that people do for fun on Halloween can trigger anxiety and fill seniors with fear. It isn’t that seniors can’t enjoy Halloween; they just need some adjustments made. Here are some tips which can make this Halloween a little less stressful for the seniors:

1. Limited decorations:

Make sure that the house does not have a scary or too bright decoration for Halloween. Bright lights and scary costumes might make the seniors feel uncomfortable about their own homes. Keep the decorations to a minimum or maybe ask the seniors to DIY some crafts for decoration.

2. Put the candy outside:

Trick or treating is an essential part of Halloween. It brings all the kids on the streets, going door to door, asking for treats. However, for the seniors, the constant ringing of the doorbell might be disturbing. It might be best to put the candies outside for people to help themselves to avoid the constant doorbell ringing for trick or treating.

3. Use fewer lights and candles:

Avoid, or at least limit, the use of spooky, bright candles, and lights. These might match the Halloween vibe, but there are chances that they can make seniors uncomfortable or even scare them.

4. No public trick or treating:

Do not take the seniors out on streets or in a mall for trick or treating. It might be fun for others, but it might have a negative impact on the seniors. Seeing all those spooky costumes and listening to all those loud, creepy voices might disturb them.

Halloween is not supposed to be all about spooky costumes and creepy noises. You, as a caregiver can have your own kind, the comfortable kind, of Halloween with your client. Make sure they are comfortable and then you can both have a great time.

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