Fun Halloween Activities for Seniors and Caregivers

Fun Halloween Activities for seniors and caregivers

Halloween is another time of the year when people can have a fun time with their loved ones and created some happy memories. The day isn’t just for the kids; there is no age limit to celebrate and have fun on Halloween.

It is a time of the year when people dress up in their costumes, decorate pumpkins, and engage in many other pleasurable activities. In spite of all the fun, caregivers should keep in mind that Halloween can turn a little scary for some seniors. Unexpected visitors, scary costumes, and loud sounds can trigger anxiety and fill some seniors with terror as well. Here are some activities both seniors and caregivers can enjoy on Halloween:

1. Halloween Crafts:

Crafts and decorations are one of the safest and most fun ways to enjoy Halloween. Caregivers can assist the seniors is different types of crafts like decorating pumpkins or designing a Halloween lantern. For pumpkin decoration, instead of dangerous carving, try using paints, accessories, ribbons, etc. As a caregiver, encourage the seniors to be creative as possible.

2. Talk a Treat:

Seniors always find talking comforting. They love to share their life experiences with others. As a caregiver, you can ask questions like, “How was your Halloween as a kid?” “What costumes did you wear as a kid for Halloween?” “Which one was your favorite?” Questions like these will not only make them happy but will also help in reliving their good old days.

3. Halloween Movies:

Movies are more fun during Halloween. It is an ideal way to enjoy the Halloween evening. You, as a caregiver, can pick up some old classic Halloween movies and then watch them with the seniors. Try picking movies that are less horror and more entertaining. You can also make some snacks to make the movie watching more fun.

4. Baking for Halloween:

As a caregiver, you can assist the senior in baking some good Halloween treats like marshmallow ghosts, cat-shaped cookies, and other types of Halloween treats. Ask the seniors about their favorite Halloween recipe. Baking together will keep the senior mentally and socially active.

Just because they are aging does not mean seniors cannot enjoy annual festivals like Halloween. Festivals and occasions like these are just as important to them as they are to the rest of us. They may also need to be comforted because on occasions like Halloween, seniors may miss their lost loved ones and the good times they had in the past. Try and help to make Halloween a memorable day for the seniors for whom you care.

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