fbpixel Reimagine HomeCare @ HCAOA 2022 Annual Leadership Conference

Reimagine Home Care at the HCAOA 2022 Annual Leadership Conference

HCAOA Annual Leadership Conference Sessions

If you are a home care agency owner who looks forward to demonstrate their innovative products and services, attending home care conferences is where you will want to be!

Home care conferences provide fantastic opportunities for agencies to connect with experts and communities across the globe. This conference will also give you the opportunity to become a part of the industry evolution. This year, the countdown has begun for the HCAOA 2022 Annual Leadership Conference, happening in person in Orlando, Florida, from September 17th-19th.

And the good news is that Caresmartz is a proud exhibitor at the conference this year/ Our team will see you at Booth No. 106.

During your industry dialogue with us, you will have access to the home care industry’s best resources and toolkits that will offer tips & tricks to grow your business. Home care professionals who visit us at CareSmartz360’s booth (#106) or confirm their enrollment through our online form will.

  • get a complimentary personalized branding video, and
  • one lucky winner will get a chance to win a free iPad.

This year, the conference’s theme is Going Bold: Home Care Reimagined. Home care agencies will not want to miss this event as it will highlight how the home care industry has adapted to changes post-pandemic and how it is slowly forging a path towards stability.

Unleashing New Opportunities with Keynote Sessions

Over the course of two days, the attendees will get an opportunity to learn about the newest strategies, discover cutting-edge technologies, and network with other key innovators across the home care industry.

Keynote Speakers for the HCAOA Annual Leadership Conference

Simon Bailey– will provide insights into the emotional aspect of the customer experience.
Matt Thornhill– will discuss how to seize the upcoming growth in the industry.

The Breakout sessions will cover timely topics within four major areas:

  • Emerging providers
  • Established providers
  • Innovative trends
  • Workforce development

The leading exhibitors and sponsors will be at the conference to demonstrate how businesses can improve themselves with the latest products and services.

Conference Schedule at a Glance

Pre-Conference- September 17, 2022
Plugged In- Going Beyond Lobbying to Get Members Involved

It’s no secret that conferences like HCAOA exist to influence policy and legislation affecting the industry. The main aim of the pre-conference is to create a successful advocacy program that includes grassroots and grasstops with strong participation by members, stakeholders, caregivers, and even the clients.

If you plan to attend the pre-conference, you will get to hear unique insights about why Congress is deeply interested in trending public issues and why staying proactive is more essential than reactive.

Keynote Sessions- September 18-19

The conference sessions will challenge attendees to be bold in reimagining the future for the benefit of clients, business owners, and employers.

  • Spark Customer Lover: Customer Service is a Department. Customer Love is a Mindset
    Simon Bailey, Leadership Imagineer

    Customer creation and caregiver retention are among the most significant challenges home care businesses face today.

    Join the exciting session called” Spark Customer Lover: Customer Service is a Department. Customer Love is a Mindset” to learn some strategies to have your customers recommend your brand to their family and friends using SPARK, a customer experience learning system.

    Simon T. Bailey, a leadership Imagineer, will teach you the “SPARK” framework you and your team can implement using innovative examples and stories. You will also be able to learn tangible examples and stories on how to SPARK mindset into your organization and learn the Platinum Service Principles to create customers for life.

  • The Future is Now for Home Care: How to Seize the Post- Pandemic, Boomer-Fueled
    Growth That’s Coming
    Matt Thornhill, Visionary Futurist

    Surveys on U.S. adults show that more and more boomers want to grow older in their homes post-pandemic. Congregate living now comes with a new set of issues, which is why the home care industry is exploding.

    With such changing scenarios, do you wonder how to respond to this opportunity? Join the session “The Future is Now for Home Care: How to Seize the Post-Pandemic, Boomer-Fueled Growth That’s Coming” by Matt Thornhill and learn some insights on key steps to take now to position your business for a prosperous tomorrow. Attendees will also develop a deeper understanding of how Boomers would transform life’s fourth quarter and how the organization may capitalize.


  • How to Make Operations Your Competitive Advantage
    Todd Austin, President | Home Care Pulse

    Is attracting top talent, reducing costs, increasing productivity, and building a satisfied clientele a few of your agency’s top priorities?

    Operations are much more than a fundamental pillar of your business. In his insightful session “How to Make Operations Your Competitive Advantage,” Todd Austin discusses the know-how of attracting corporate talent and how operational structure helps identify and hire an excellent team.

  • Opportunities & Challenges in Medicaid, Medicare Advantage and VA Funded
    Home Care | CMS, Medicare Advantage, VA

    Many home care agencies operate a private-pay model. However, there has been a shift from predominantly private-pay revenue structures. They have been focusing on incentivizing better care, for additional people, at significantly lower costs; creating a growth opportunity for providers.

    Join the session “Opportunities & Challenges in Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, and VA Funded Home Care,” an insightful session where the panel of experts explains what clients look for when selecting an agency and how to make your agency stand out from the crowd.


Emerging Providers Track

  • How to be Unique When Every Agency is Special
    Jessica Nobles, Co-Founder | Home Care Ops

    Growing a home care agency in an oversaturated market can be challenging. To attain success, agencies must identify their forte and gain a competitive edge.

    Join “How to be Unique When Every Agency is Special,” an insightful session by Jessica Nobles, to learn some strategies for increasing authority and creating recurring revenue. Attendees will also be able to develop a marketing blueprint for defining desired outcomes, make a plan of action, and implement experience-based marketing strategies.

    Attendees will also receive tips for capturing leads and referral information using lead generation funnels and campaigns for cultivating relationships.

  • Scale Your Home Care Business with Data- Oriented Decision- Making
    Stephen Tweed, CEO, Founder | Home Care CEO Forum

    How to scale your home care business with data-oriented decision-making?

    The global pandemic has brought about significant setbacks for home care businesses. Home care experts suggest business leaders to focus on key clients, caregivers, and referral sources using the company data to regain the path.

    In his interactive session on “Scale Your Home Care Business with Data Oriented Decision Making,” Stephen Tweed will show how using the company data can help make strategic decisions. The attendees will also provide some functional tools for getting the data needed to scale your business.

Established Providers Track

  • How To Create Magnetic Job Posts That Attract More and Better Caregivers without
    Extra Time or Money
    Leigh Davis, Founder | Davis+Delany – The Home Care Lab

    Are your current job postings not getting you enough caregivers? If not, home care leaders should know it’s time to say ‘yes’ to Magnetic home care job post strategies for 2022. Magnetic job posts craft job postings that attract a steady stream of suitable applicants.

    Join “How To Create Magnetic Job Posts That Attract More and Better Caregivers without Extra Time or Money,” an exciting session by Leigh Davis. Attendees will learn how to grab the lion’s share of applicants and uncover some industry secrets to attract the right caregivers for your home care business.

  • Why Management Training Does Not Work for Recruitment
    Daniel Story, Founder | HomeJoy

    Is recruitment fatigue proving your management strategies to be ineffective?

    Join “Why Management Training Does Not Work for Recruitment,” an exciting session by Daniel Story to explore the management tactics that work and those that don’t. Attendees will also learn some ways to accept change with open arms.

  • Latest Legal Employment Developments Impacting the Home Care Industry
    Angelo Spinola, Shareholder | Polsinelli

    The home care industry is continuously shaping because of legal trends and updates. And these trends are impacting home care agencies and their strategies in 2022.

    Considering this change, Angelo Spinola, a home care expert, will discuss some hot button issues related to COVID-19 and provide an overview of the obligations imposed on agencies. His session will also outline how to prepare for and respond to an investigation and other essential topics that may sabotage the agency’s growth.

    Don’t forget to bring your questions for the expert to answer at the end of the session.

Innovative Trends Track

  • Home Care, The Next Frontier: Are You Ready?
    Guy Tommasi, Managing Director | LIFETIME Care at Home

    Is your agency looking forward to positioning itself in the value-based market? Securing relationships through innovative measures is your key!

    In his interactive session “Home Care, The Next Frontier: Are You Ready?” Guy Tommasi will enumerate how to establish value propositions as a supportive partner with stakeholders involved with PGDM (Patient-Driven Groupings Model).

    The measures covered by Tommasi will help attract and secure referral partners and help put their agency at the top of the competitive market.

  • Harnessing Technology to Reinvent Growth & Excellence in Home Care
    Alon Brener, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer | Sensi.Ai

    While over 90% of older adults prefer to age in the comfort of their own home, the population has slowed, creating a gap between the demand for care and the workforce available to fill these roles, leading to a lack of training.

    Join “Harnessing Technology to Reinvent Growth & Excellence in Home Care,” an interactive session by Alon Brener to uncover technologies that assist home care agencies in becoming more efficient. You will also get a chance to hear some leading solutions that show how harnessing technology can improve an agency significantly.

Workforce Development Track

  • Going Bold with Recruitment Workflows
    Jeff Wiberg, CEO | Family Resource Home Care

    Are you looking forward to making incremental improvements in your recruitment process and yielding larger results?

    Join “Going Bold with Recruitment Workflows,” an interactive session by Jeff Wiberg. In this session, Jeff will share some strategic tactics for examining the recruitment process and providing application ideas to an agency owner for increasing their applicant and hire yields.

  • Creating Culture: A Secret Weapon To Recruitment & Retention
    Brandi Kurtyka, CEO | Mission Care Collective

    The latest workforce trends, employee engagement, and retention can be a business’s most potent weapon.

    In his interactive session “Creating Culture: A Secret Weapon To Recruitment & Retention,” Brendi evaluates some industry challenges, provides valuable insights on healthcare workers, and surfaces actionable solutions to build a more substantial workplace.

    This session aims to inspire new thinking on creating cultures that can be your most significant competitive advantage.

  • Intention Behind Retention: Innovative Approaches to Retain Your Caregivers
    Jensen Jones, CEO | Jensen Morgan & Jones LLC & Mastermind Facilitator
    for Home Care CEO Forum

    Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy available to retain caregivers.

    In his session “Intention Behind Retention: Innovative Approaches to Retain Your Caregivers,” Jensen will discuss the best practices and approaches implemented by agencies across the country to increase caregiver retention.

Wrapping Up

With so much information coming your way, you will not want to miss out on attending these sessions at the conference! Additionally, our team will be present at the conference to help private duty home care agencies combat the after-effects of the pandemic and discuss solutions for dealing with significant setbacks like caregiver turnover, technological costs, and operational expenses.

Don’t forget to mark this important event on your calendar and stay tuned for more updates!

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