Five Benefits of Attracting & Retaining Caregivers

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A recent survey stated 55 percent of respondents said they had not received a salary raise in the last 12 months, and 38% stated their agency did not offer tenure-based pay incentives. Caregiving is a profession that requires dedication, specialized training, resources, and often specialized credentials. However, a caregiver’s efforts and commitment are often overlooked.

Home care agencies need to take into consideration that with the increase in caregiver turnover rates, they will likely see a considerable dip in caregiver retention. Benefits and incentives are imperative to attract and retain caregivers.

A benefits package is not only an essential recruitment tool for attracting skilled caregivers, but it also ensures that the best quality caregiver will continue to work with your home care agency. Currently, there is a caregiver retention crisis in the healthcare industry, and agencies can no longer afford the expense of hiring, training, and retaining a high turnover rate of caregivers.

This blog will walk you through a few benefits that can help you attract and retain quality caregivers.

1. Promote a vibrant company culture

People stay where they are happy and valued. Your caregivers will choose a culture that fosters growth opportunities, employee satisfaction and happiness. Elements like fairness, innovation, responsible management, and care make for favorable company culture.

Identify ways through which your agency can encourage a positive environment. It could begin by being responsive to your employee’s needs, celebrating their wins, providing personal & professional support and reducing workplace stress.

2. Provide meaningful Incentives

Benefits for employees can be a powerful tool in recruiting, training and retaining great employees. From insurance to vacation time, quality benefits will help your caregivers show up on the job happy, healthy, and prepared to take care of your customers.

Here are a few incentives your agency can offer:

  • Bonuses
  • Paid sick leave
  • Paid vacation time
  • Health & Wellness perks
  • Gift cards & local discounts
  • Career growth programs and seminars
  • Recognition & rewards
  • Gatherings & get-togethers (inside & outside the workspace)
  • Wage Increments

Additional incentives like childcare and flexible work options can also strengthen caregivers’ connection with the company.

3. Foster leadership skills

As your growing caregiving team requires the support of a more cohesive work environment and improved leadership, consider engaging them in a multi-part education program on topics ranging from communication, cultural competency and leadership development.

As a senior manager, you must offer your staff a wide range of development opportunities, whether it’s in the form of courses, workshops, training courses or by encouraging them to continue their education. Being the best caregiver means you invest more in yourself and support those who work with and for you.

4. Employ Technology

Make your work and your employees job easier and better with technology. To attract, engage, and hire the very best caregivers in your community, you need to be using a mobile-friendly digital application system.

Employers can reduce paper use and increase their caregiver hiring processes’ convenience, flexibility, and mobility by having their application, assessment, and onboarding documents in one easily accessible location.

You need to put these  progressive digital practices into action by investing in a home care management tool that makes the caregiver’s life easier.

5. Invest in your employees

Investing in and developing a quality workforce is crucial to the success of any home care agency. The first step is for ownership to recognize that the caregiver’s  personal purpose within their organization can never be greater than the agency’s purpose for employing them. When an agency understands that, caring for one another becomes natural among staff members and management.

The best way to develop employees is to invest in them first. There are many ways to do this:

  • Take the time to provide clear direction and make expectations clear for employees.
  • Make sure your staff members have the training and tools they need to get their jobs done and allow them to grow professionally.
  • Communicate all changes beforehand, and involve your staff members as much as possible in the decision-making process.

In essence

Retaining family caregivers is vital to long-term home care business success. Maintaining strong connections with your caregivers is crucial if you want your staff to stay motivated and committed. Try these tips to help you retain, recruit, and develop a higher-quality team of caregivers.

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