Our Caregiver App is Going Spanish!

CareSmartz360+ app is now available in Spanish language

Hola, Buenasnoticias para las agencias de atencióndomiciliaria y los cuidadores. La aplicación para teléfonosinteligentes CareSmartz360+ahoraestáenespañol.

Starting with the CareSmartz360+ — the smartphone app for caregivers, we’re going Spanish. Next, we’ve got the entire CareSmartz360 portal in the line for home care agencies.

Right at the beginning of 2021, Caresmartz released new updates for the caregiver mobile app, embedding the most-requested functionalities and enhancements for caregivers, agencies, and clients. Coming straight from home care agencies using CareSmartz360, one of the most requested features was to make the mobile app available in Spanish for the caregivers.

Previously, it was challenging for native Spanish-speaking individuals to navigate and use all the features of the app. There were times when a caregiver felt the need to record and send videos to the agency as a record of services delivered to the clients. Some of them needed the ability to add the cost of the expense up to 3 decimal places.

Released the Caregiver Mobile App CareSmartz360+ has been updated with several user-requested enhancements and intuitive features. Take a look:

Switch from English to Spanish

Caregivers can change the language of the app from English to Spanish and vice versa from the profile screen. Once the language switch is done, the caregiver will be able to view all the information displayed on different screens in Spanish. This will help care providers to understand and use all the features of the mobile app with so much ease.

CareSmartz360+ mobile app is now available in Spanish language from english to spanish

Videos as Proof of Service

After the recent update, caregivers can upload videos as attachments right within the mobile app. The maximum size of the video is 5 MB. Videos can either be recorded or selected from the media library available on the device. It serves as a highly useful feature when a care provider has to submit proof of service delivery or interaction with the clients to the agency.

Caregivers can upload videos as attachments right within the mobile app

Add Rates up to 3 Decimal Places

Another important enhancement in the mobile app is the ability to add an expense up to 3 decimal places. There are certain types of expenses that require the rates to be added in more than 2 decimal places.This feature is also embedded in the Caregiver portal to help billers and agency owners generate accurate billing and invoices.

The All-new CareSmartz360+

Do more, Spend less

The app empowers caregivers while they are out on the field to provide care services and perform key tasks as per the care plan. The improved functionality offers flexibility to the users to do more with the CareSmartz360+ mobile app. With the goal of enhancing the user experience, the app is embedded with several other features including clock-in/clock-out timings, view open shifts, accept and mark availability, view care plan, GPS-enabled route navigation, and much more.

Now ability to add an expense up to three decimal places

The CareSmartz360+ mobile app is like a personal organizer for caregivers that is designed and developed by the home care industry experts. With productivity-enhancing features and capabilities based on the needs of caregivers and service providers, the technology team behind it is always striving to improve and enhance the overall experience for the users.

The latest version of the CareSmartz360 mobile app can be downloaded or updated from the Google Play and App store.

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