Launching CareSmartz360 with Paychex Integration

CareSmartz360 Integrates with Paychex

Personal caregiving is a dynamic industry where their functions are based on trends and circumstantial needs. Thus, home care service providers rely on the ease of doing business and need solutions that adapt to emerging and changing scenarios. With that type of objective in focus, CareSmartz360 has recently been integrated with Paychex.

Paychex: An Integrated System for Payroll, HR, and More

Paychex, Inc. is a leading payroll solutions provider for HR, payroll, financial benefits, insurance solutions and pay-on-demand solutions for client employees. Paychex capabilities have been embedded into CareSmartz360 for its users to allow submitting payroll items directly to the Paychex platform, rather than having to download the file and then upload it to their application.

“CareSmartz360 intends to simplify payroll intricacies of the home care industry with this integration and assist business owners with streamlined recruiting, regulatory compliance, benefits management, payroll processing and reduce the risk of errors and penalties,” – James Merson, CCO Caresmartz.

CareSmartz360 and Paychex

Home care agencies not only aim for excellence in providing care to their clients, but they equally strive to transform themselves into a great place to work for their staff. To make it possible, agency owners empower their business processes and operations through advanced technologies and capabilities of home care business management software like CareSmartz360.

As you grow, your hiring needs will also change. You need to manage, pay and retain your employees effectively and keep turnover low. At the end of the day, if you aren’t communicating data properly, you’re hurting your business. The Paychex integration in CareSmartz360 will do the same without manual efforts, thereby saving time and increasing efficiency.

How does this Integration Benefit a Home Care Business?

You can do so much more with Paychex when you integrate with CareSmartz360. It eliminates double-entry, communicates new employee data and saves time that is wasted in manually submitting a file to process employee payroll. Moreover, it will simplify your payroll system and operations by sync’ing your time and attendance information between CareSmartz360 and Paychex.

Help Agencies Prosper and Grow

  • Boost employee engagement and productivity by creating a work environment that is positive and engaging
  • Reduce expenses, minimize labor costs, manage caregiver turnover and streamline vendor processes
  • Save money on penalties or lawsuits by maintaining compliance with regulatory agencies

Advantages of CareSmartz360 and Paychex Integration

No matter whether you are a multi-location franchise business or a small to large-sized home care organization, CareSmartz360 is now embedded have the capabilities to engage employees, increase efficiency and grow your business.

Payroll Processing

  • Easy payment options, on-demand pay and real-time payments
  • Automated payroll tax calculations, payments and filings
  • Mobile app for caregivers to view earnings and request advance withdrawal
  • Online payroll processing
  • Direct deposit, pay cards, paper checks and other payroll options
  • Ability to pay different types of caregivers – salaried, hourly and contract

401(k) Integrated with Payroll

  • Ongoing fund management
  • Range of investment options
  • Trained service staff to help with: signing-up, setup and ongoing plan support

Multiple Employee Pay Options

  • Direct deposit
  • Same-day ACH capability to pay employees in time-sensitive scenarios
  • Pay cards for employees who may not have a bank account but may still benefit from direct deposit
  • Real-time payments

Robust and Custom Analytics and Reporting

  • Analyze payroll labor costs across time and departments
  • Quickly view your payroll journal, employee earnings record, check stub, cash requirements, department summary, tax deposit and year-to-date reports from the dashboard
  • Access 100+ payroll and HR reports as per your needs

Productivity-boosting applications, when integrated within CareSmartz360, add the power to fight everyday challenges and support home care businesses in their success. This is just one of the many integrations planned for CareSmartz360. There will be many great things happening in the future, and partnerships with disruptive technologies like Paychex will be the game-changer.

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