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Industry Experts Discuss the Best Practices for Business Growth during COVID-19

Industry Experts Webinar

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” This proverb is more  true than ever as the entire home care industry faces new challenges and seeks ways to minimize their impact.

The entire community is in a state where delivering quality care isn’t just the case; maintaining productivity, retaining caregivers & clients, and minimizing costs also require attention.

Caresmartz understands the tough challenges for home care organizations operating in the United States amid COVID-19, and we’re continuously monitoring the situation.

As per our initiative to help the entire home care community, we organized a Webinar– “Thriving during Down Times” with industry experts to discuss the impact on the industry and how to keep a business up & running.

For years, home-based care providers are known to make an impact on society, but it has been quite challenging during the pandemic.

Whether it’s client retention, productivity, or overall costs, home care agencies need to leverage the best practices by invoking the potential of technology.

Check out the insightful webinar from industry experts discussing the aspects that require consideration to maintain new client growth, increase billable hours, use the best marketing efforts and a much more.

Key Highlights:

  • Overcome the biggest challenges during down/slow times: Agencies can utilize best practices to overcome care delivery challenges in a way that enhances productivity and improves overall business revenues.
  • Grow your billable hours per client: Home care organizations need to understand the efficient ways that can help in increasing billable hours for every client even when most of the businesses are striving to retain their clients.
  • Market your business during the pandemic: Learn the crucial aspects associated with home care marketing during the pandemic which engages potential clients, which further helps in navigating business success.
  • Keep your caregivers happy: It’s important to ensure that your caregivers are satisfied with your agency during COVID-19. Learn fruitful ways to enhance caregiver satisfaction that further impacts caregiver retention.
  • Keep your clients engaged: Your clients also require adequate attention during tough times. Learn how to communicate and ensure your clients that you are prepared to deal with the toughest situations without compromising quality of care.
  • Maintain new client growth: Scale your client growth by utilizing the best marketing and lead capturing strategies from industry experts that ensure your business keeps on growing, even during the pandemic.
  • Utilize technology to help grow your business: Learn how technology could be the game-changer for enhancing the quality of care and to maintain substantial growth especially when the entire community is going through a tough phase.

Click here to watch the webinar.

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