Private Caregiver vs Agency- Essential things to know before choosing Non-Medical Care

Private Caregiver vs Agency

Often people are confused about whether they should hire a private caregiver or should consider an agency. There is a lot of information available on the internet depicting the perks of choosing either one.

Since there are pros and cons in both cases, a thorough description of both types of services is essential, especially if you are planning for the first time.

Whether you are looking for personal care for yourself or your dear one, we have gathered some essential information that you should be aware of before deciding to choose a private caregiver or agency.

Some Risks Involved in Hiring Private Caregivers

Let’s have a closer look at what’s involved in the overall process of hiring a caregiver that’s not associated with a well-established agency. It is better to know the risks & responsibilities first so that you make the best choice.

The Chaotic Interview Process

You may have a lot on your plate, so spending time interviewing candidates to care for your dear ones may not be ideal. Some think that interviewing can be a quick process, but when you realize it is extremely time-consuming, you might regret your decision.

Onboarding the right candidate would require you to analyze certain aspects associated with the particular needs of your dear ones. You must be careful as you certainly cannot risk the life of your loved ones if they are facing severe medical conditions like Alzheimer’s.

When we talk about hiring an agency, it means you are worry-free regarding the overall stress of interviewing the candidate and hiring the caregiver that meets your expectations.

Background Checks

Since you’re hiring a private caregiver, you’ll be the one responsible for background checks. Many individuals skip this crucial aspect related to caregiver hiring as it may be quite a time consuming, but we strongly recommend you do not miss this important step.

There’s nothing worse than hiring a caregiver with a criminal background. Yes, there are instances when caregivers that were appointed to take care of seniors were involved in thefts and had a criminal history.

So, if you’re not checking the background of the person that you’re trusting for delivering care, these might be the consequences!

On the other hand, an agency will perform all the background checks along with references before they hire a caregiver to deliver care.

Moreover, some agencies follow a strict hiring criterion that involves drug testing, which ensures the person visiting your home is thoroughly vetted.

Overall Work Experience & Reference

It is extremely important to ensure that the person you’re about to hire is an experienced professional since you can’t afford any type of risk when it comes to adequate care especially for the ones with Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Furthermore, you need to check for the references to know more about the candidate that you have shortlisted for hiring. You must be aware of the tasks assigned to that a caregiver as you should not pay for an individual who does not meet your requirements. They must have hands-on experience in handling severe situations.

Now considering a home care agency; verifying references and the overall experience is the first step before they can assign a caregiver to a client.

You must be aware of the agencies that are compliant with the state’s regulations and that they know what tasks must be assigned to a caregiver and which ones they can perform. This further ensures a hassle-free experience when you hire a caregiver for a particular task.

Creating a Care Plan & Scheduling

Hiring private caregivers is challenging as many of them aren’t aware of their responsibilities. Imagine you hire a caregiver and you need to tell them what to do next. Sounds annoying, isn’t it?

It can be extremely frustrating when you receive a call from your caregiver that they are not well and will not be able to come in! There is no way you can arrange a caregiver at the eleventh hour that can take proper care of your family member the way they are supposed to.

So does it mean you should have a backup plan? Or you must hire 2 caregivers for your beloved to ensure they’re getting adequate care? Well, this is what happens when you choose a private caregiver instead of relying on a trusted home care agency.

Many individuals have revealed their experiences of when they trusted a private caregiver. Most of them agreed that their caregiver walked out without notice and they were completely helpless.

Now let’s consider the scenario when you hire through an agency. The agency would be responsible for scheduling and would surely provide a backup just in case the one assigned isn’t available.

It’s the agency’s responsibility to manage quality care even in the toughest situations and you don’t need to worry about whether or not the same caregiver would be there to assist you at the specified time as per the schedule.

Many reputed agencies leverage the potential of smart home care scheduling software that can quickly assign shifts, manage & track caregivers, and update caregivers regarding upcoming shifts.

One can quickly update the care plan or make minor alterations in care delivery, which is initiated quickly when you rely on a home care agency.

Quality Matters

Hiring a private caregiver does not assure you that you would be getting quality service. What if the candidate that you shortlisted does not have much experience in handling the diverse needs of the elderly and they treat them unpleasantly?

This can be the case when you hire someone without training and expertise, which may have some severe consequences. Many caregivers who were unable to pass the basic screening process of agencies always choose to work privately. Sometimes they don’t even know how to provide first-aid in case of emergency!

A home care agency would offer you professionally trained caregivers who are well-versed to deal with any situation and can offer the highest level of care.

Their proven history of working in a challenging environment is all that you would need for yourself and your dear ones.

When you choose an agency for your parent, you’re assured about the professionalism of the staff and need not worry about their overall well-being especially if your parent is not living with you.

The Crux of the Matter

We have illustrated every aspect related to hiring a private caregiver that you must know if you are on the hunt for one.

If you are deciding on whether you should hire a private caregiver, be careful & fully prepared for the things that may be coming your way.

It is recommended to plan ahead and then make a wise decision based on your dear one’s needs so that you do not regret your decision.

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