Prepping your Home Care Team for the Holiday Rush with CareSmartz360

Get ready Home Care Team for the Holiday Rush with CareSmartz360

The holiday season means a time of uplifted spirits, togetherness, and joy. As everyone gears up to enjoy this holiday season, there’s no surprise in the fact the holiday rush can be tough on anyone—even Santa!

Especially caregivers, schedulers, and billers can have an extra load of work to check off as the season approaches.

CareSmartz360 is the central hub for tracking, managing, and coordinating home care plans and loved ones’ health. Take a look at how the software can help your home care team truly enjoy the holiday season without having anything to worry about.

Don’t Get Your Schedule In A Tangle!

Who needs Santa when you have CareSmartz360’s home care scheduling software designed to increase your efficiency and provide you with a hassle-free scheduling experience?

Around the holiday season, caregiver schedules can get packed, leading to confusion, missing shifts, miscommunication, and other errors, but with CareSmartz360, you are in for a smooth scheduling process.

Here’s how it can help:

  • Schedulers can utilize a color-coded calendar that has a complete view of all the shifts assigned to a caregiver, including the ability to see the broader context through a month-by-month plan. The color blocks in the calendar indicate open Shifts, approved Shifts, no Shows, and scheduled Shifts.
  • More effective scheduling lets schedulers spend more time enjoying and less time worrying about the holiday rush. CareSmartz360’s automation feature saves time by allowing them to grasp the intricacies of successful scheduling, offer the best caregiver-client match, swiftly fill open shifts, and handle missing visits with ease and convenience.
  • Create and manage client schedules quickly and easily. Quick Schedule allows you to enter clients, caregivers, services and times. Additionally, the system will prompt you to create a recurring schedule if one was not already created for the client.
  • Last-minute changes are inevitable during the holiday season. Manual adjustment of these changes can consume a lot of time, but with CareSmartz360, you can make this complex process a breeze as the software is capable of creating and updating schedules in minutes, leaving nothing behind to worry about.

A Caregiver’s Holiday Treat

An overflowing to-do list, mismatched shifts, lagging communication can spoil a caregiver’s typical day at work, let alone the holiday season. To eliminate such errors and more from the root, CareSmartz360 offers caregivers a dedicated portal that consists of everything needed during their job.

Here’s how CareSmartz360 is an absolute treat for caregivers:

  • The Caregiver portal acts as a caregiver’s organizer, providing them with everything essential on one platform. The caregivers can:
    • View/edit shifts
    • Request to assign/change shifts
    • Clock in and clock out shift hours
    • View the Care Plan’s pre-defined tasks
    • Add notes/remarks
  • Additionally, caregivers can enjoy their day at work with the advanced caregiver mobile app that effectively streamlines everyday activities. The app is an online ecosystem of tools that aid in caregivers’ efficiency and productivity. Caregiver app assists in the following ways:
    • A single dashboard to view everything important
    • Multi-lingual support for easier navigation
    • Intelligent calendar set up for a better calendar view
    • GPS enabled shift clock-in and clock-out
    • Designated client lists and details
    • Complete document compliance
    • 24/7 access to agency communication & updates
  • Not only this, the caregiver portal is packed with advanced features that increase the caregiver’s productivity and efficiency. The caregiver mobile app is equipped with an advanced feature-rich portal so caregivers can relax over the holidays knowing everything is in order at the backend.

Check off Bills and Invoices Before Santa Arrives!

Billers, who are in charge of setting up payments, invoices, and financial reports, maybe overworked during the Holiday season. Manual logging and financial sorting can spoil the holiday spirit because it is highly time-consuming and unproductive.

With CareSmartz360, you can sit back, relax, and not think about reports and spreadsheets! The billing and invoice feature of CareSmartz360 is an integrated solution where billers can view, manage and pay healthcare claims on a single dashboard.

Here’s how billers can have a merry time with CareSmartz360:

  • It is a centralized platform for managing and automating healthcare providers’ entire billing and Medicaid reporting process. Here’s what it offers:
    • Seamlessly integrates billing with both payer & Medicaid
    • Tracks invoices and initiate payments effortlessly
    • Submit claims & get reimbursed quickly through effective Unified Electronic Billing
    • Submission of Claims and Payments using unique processes.
  • Additionally, CareSmartz360 is the ideal home care billing software for the non-medical home care businesses. It integrates with QuickBooks or any other accounting software to capture necessary data. Therefore, it requires no changes in the existing accounting system, saving home care agencies time and money.
  • Also, CareSmartz360 is designed to help find flat hourly rates for caregivers and offers the ability to customize each billable event (i.e., Part-Time or Full-Time). The Payroll module allows billers to customize how the caregiver will be paid (i.e., weekly, biweekly, etc.) and gives them columns for other expenses incurred while generating payroll. Payments could not get easier!

With a single integrated solution, billers can automate and facilitate all of your business, from billing to claims, payments, and referrals. All the data is stored in an easy-to-access platform, so billers can quickly handle the finances.

To Conclude

Beating the holiday rush can be challenging but not impossible. With CareSmartz360 in place, chaos and rush will be the last thing you need to worry about!

Caring for your clients is easy with CareSmartz360. Our technology-integrated platform streamlines daily operations, allowing you to focus on providing quality care and growing your business.

For more information about CareSmartz360, how it was designed for agencies similar to yours, and how you can get started today for free, contact us or request a FREE demo session today! (Even Santa loves CareSmartz360!)

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