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From finding a great workforce to onboarding quality caregivers, a home care recruiter’s efforts are never-ending. Now with so much noise in the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult for recruiters to grab the attention of potential employees and even harder to retain them.

Similarly, dealing with a shortage of talent is another tough nut to crack. With the scarcity of talents, skills, and resources, a recruiter’s job is a continuous effort.

Not only this, but the human resources department also plays a significant role in recruiting. An appropriate training and growth opportunities are supplied by HR, but that can also be hampered if the recruitment process is affected by the above-mentioned factors.

CareSmartz360 is a breakthrough solution that takes the hassle out of the recruiter’s day.

Take a look at how Home Care Human Resources Software from CareSmartz360 can help transform your business’ recruiting and HR process.

Turning applicants to employees: A powerful module

CareSmartz360 is a web-based software that helps recruiters find, screen, and onboard caregivers – fast. With a robust applicant tracking system at its core, CareSmartz360 makes recruiters’ jobs easier by automating the process across multiple websites, including third-party job boards.

Recruiters can:

  • Post jobs on multiple sites
  • Shortlist candidates
  • Screen them using an inbuilt red-flag check tool
  • Conduct phone interviews or video calls to finalize the shortlisted candidates
  • Start background checks to ease their onboarding efforts

CareSmartz360 is an online system that allows home care recruiters to browse and select potential caregivers based on their expertise and certifications to discover the ideal fit.

One Dashboard View

Recruitment of caregivers is one of the most time-consuming processes in a home care company. CareSmartz360 enhances this process by providing single-point access to all information related to your employees and clients, thereby reducing the administrative errors and time spent on recruitment.

The dashboard helps to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Cut costs
  • Reduce liability
  • Provide caregivers with a safe environment

The recruitment module embedded within CareSmartz360 helps get all the details and recent updates of caregivers and office staff from a single dashboard.

Credential Access

Using the module, an employee’s credential details can be viewed –such as social security number, work experience, certifications/ licenses/ permits, references, availability, and workplace preferences — from their profiles. Credential details can be exported in a spreadsheet format for quick input into payroll systems.

Using the module embedded within the CareSmartz360 system, one can easily track the credentials of:

  • All primary caregivers
  • Office staff
  • Clients
  • Owner representatives


CareSmartz360 is a cloud-based home care software that takes your organization to the next level of recruiting and talent management. It works as a single-point solution for building, managing, and nurturing leadership roles. Designed to help the HR team quickly onboard new employees, provide leadership insights into their performance, and keep track of attendance, this platform eases off some burden from them by automating certain processes, hence making it the most practical choice for home care businesses.

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