Home Care Agencies are Receiving 5 Star Ratings. Here is Your Cheat Sheet!

Home Care Agencies are Receiving 5 Star Ratings

Many health care agencies have improved their performance, which has led to an average rating of 3.5 stars. Quality of care increased from 4 percent to 5 percent for the agencies which received five-star ratings.

The ratings are based on 8 measures of care quality

  • Promptness in starting patient care
  • Educating patients/caregivers about the drugs being used in the medication process
  • Improvement in walking around
  • Improvement in bed transfers
  • Improvement in bathing
  • Improvement in pain management
  • Minimal or no shortness of breath
  • Reduced acute care hospitalization

To get a five-star rating, agencies should:

Embrace Technology

Healthcare requires a lot of data documentation. If you are not relying on technology for this, then you are probably stopping yourself from getting a better rating. Home care software solution not only ensures efficient workflow but also saves time and reduces errors in data. Technology helps in real-time monitoring and can help you improve your star ratings as well. Using the correct tools can ensure that your caregivers have the most updated data regarding the care needs of your clients. They can also quickly update progress reports that can be seen in real-time by other caregivers and by you.

Ditch the Paperwork

With almost everything being automated, why should you handle everything by yourself? Utilize the technology available to make key business processes and operations easier for your staff, on-site caregivers, and you. It’s time to let technology work for you. Stop maintaining prescriptions on clipboards, and start using evv software solution to check the real-time status of your patients and monitor the care quality provided to them. Technology also helps in streamlining core business functions and enhances the efficiency of every process. Intelligent reporting, caregiver scheduling, automated invoicing, and actionable insights will help to achieve star ratings for your agency.

Start Using Measurement Tools

Measuring the performance of your tools, resources, and results are highly important, as it helps determine whether the improvement is needed. It is always better to keep improving, and for that, you should set measurable performance goals and monitor your progress towards them. Create an effective plan with strategies and resources that deliver expected results.

Support Better Communication

Set some ground rules regarding communication, follow them, and communicate with your patients, caregivers, and doctors. Create feedback forms and distribute them to doctors, caregivers, and patients, and then work on the feedback you receive. Gaps in communication are the main contributor to poor performance. To ensure excellent star ratings, make communication a priority.

Five-star ratings are not something you can expect to receive if you don’t provide the best quality services, so you need to analyze your tools and the data carefully, and then use that information to make the changes you need to make. Most importantly, keep improving and don’t get “stuck in a rut” in terms of implementing best practices into your services.

Overall management matters too. If your patients are happy with the service you provide, they will, of course, give you good ratings and comments as well. If suggestions are provided, work on them and show your patients, caregivers, and doctors that you listen to their suggestions as well as their praise, and you integrate their requests into your business practices.

To learn more about an electronic visit verification software that can help you achieve positive star ratings for your home care agency, schedule a free demo today!

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