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Ruby Posted by Ruby June 29, 2018

This is an era of digital transformation. From analog to digital, manual to automated, wired to wireless and documenting to paperless, we have seen it all happen within the last two decades.

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Nearly all industries, verticals and professions have embraced the transition with arms wide open. The healthcare industry is no exception. It has witnessed some of revolutionary breakthroughs in medicine, surgery, vaccinations, medical specialties, and in-patient care services to streamline processes and reduce manual intervention.

Federal legislation has now mandated the adoption of electronic health records and electronic copies of health information, making healthcare delivery go paperless.

However, home care agencies have lagged behind the technology curve in the earlier phase of transition, but now there are more technologically advanced solutions available than ever.

Eventually, most home care agencies will have dropped using paper documents, files, and manual workflows. Their clients expect streamlined processes that save time and effort.

By leaving behind the paper trail and using home health care software to manage payers, clients, caregivers, recruitment, billing & payments, business resources, and customer support is reducing the wastage of time, increasing efficiency, delivering the highest returns and ensuring business growth.

Due to the inefficiency, high error rates, and the high costs associated with the paper system, home care businesses often lost money, grew at a slower pace, compromised on productivity and faced a hard time meeting the expectations of their clients. To curb these drawbacks, care service providers moved to quality home care software solution that allowed them to go paperless easily to move their business forward.

The Paperless advantage

The advantages of going paperless are numerous; the items listed below are key to benefiting agencies the most –

  • Punching-in visits at the point of care

    This provided information in the hands of caregivers, administrators, and payers, as well as patients and families. Due to this real-time data access, care administrators can monitor patient care and employee service more effectively.

  • Allows quick documentation and billing

    Documenting and managing paper files can take days or weeks to submit, be processed, and paid.

  • Adherence to electronic visit verification compliance

    It serves as a reliable proof-of-visit via GPS-based mobile visit verification system in place.

  • Save on time and mileage expenses

    After going paperless, caregivers no longer need to drive back to the office every day to document reports and finish paperwork.

  • Entire workforce stays connected when out in the field

    When all the information is accessible from anywhere and at any time by the caregivers, they feel more connected and engaged.

  • Caregivers provide the best care possible

    When care providers spend less time in reporting mileage, checking schedules, and mapping destinations on papers, they spend productive time in delivering the best care to clients.

The Paperless processes

When you want to go paperless for your home care agency, you first need to identify the processes you would like to transform to digital. These might include –

  • Evidence of care provided

    If you used to manage your caregiver’s schedule, availability and check-in & checkout timings on paper, using GPS check-ins and time stamps embedded in the software can validate the care provided to the client.

  • Travel and mileage documentation

    If you just rely on the word of each caregiver about their travel itineraries, the GPS coordinates in the software can accurately determine the miles driven by the caregiver.

  • Clinical documentation

    Online files are legible, are always stored in a HIPAA-compliant environment, and can be documented in real time at the point of care by one or multiple users.

  • Reporting

    When documentation is online, report creation and execution is simplified. Home care agencies can quickly use real-time reports to improve both agency and clients’ outcomes.

  • Accounting

    No more managing hundreds of pages of ledgers. In just a few clicks, you would be able to view and raise invoices, check payments, expenses and more.

  • Data sharing

    When combined with client portals, digital information can be shared securely and instantaneously, improving the continuum of care and offering an unprecedented level of service.

You can see it all happen right in front of your eyes for your business processes. Let us help you go paperless, contribute towards a greener environment and learn the merits of digital acceptance in-home care business.

All you need to do is to request a Free demo/consultation from our panel of experts.

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