How to Improve Care Quality through EVV?

improve care quality

Ever wondered, how an agency in care business can improve service quality through EVV? How EVV can boost care quality and so much more? Well, it’s no secret that the service quality through EVV, at least in terms of home care through state Medicaid, can be far superior to what it is now.

The modern EVV software solution is invaluable in not only improving quality but the outcome as well. Transparent, measurable, highly accurate results, and accurate documentation are additional advantages to name a few. Personal Care and live-in caregiver agencies are forever changed with them; another is greater productivity and overall efficiency, thanks to its GPS-based mileage complexities.

To improve your quality of care that’s offered to your patients in a state in which EVV is required, start using a home care software and provide your caregivers the ability to clock-in and clock-out their visits to verify care delivery. And have a current PCS or HHCS plan in effect. That’s all there is to it.

Another vital step you can take to improve the quality of the care that you offer, for example, is to make sure you take an active, strong enough stance as ever — on the issue of Medicaid fraud. And that’s another vital role that EVV, with its high security and advanced technology protocols, can help you with.

Electronic Visit Verification reduces fraud, by and large. It ensures patients are properly protected and cared for. And it gives them peace of mind, too.

We've just scratched the surface.

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