Understanding EVV – How, When, and Why of Electronic Visit Verification

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    With the 21st Century CURES Act stringently demanding EVV compliance, home care agencies need to strictly adhere to the guidelines of the Federal Government requiring the use of an electronic visit verification system.

    EVV is a digital way of verifying home care visits to ensure adequate care is delivered to the elderly, and the service providers only bill for the services rendered. EVV automates the information collection of the service by capturing time, attendance, and care plan details that are punched in by a home care worker at the point of care. As recommended by the agency, a care provider is required to report a visit via EVV by utilizing one of the three: a landline telephone at home, a ticker or alternative device, or a mobile application that supports location-based clock-in and clock-out.

    Let’s understand the aspects associated with EVV and what home care agencies need to consider to comply with the Federal Government.

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    • What is EVV and Why does the need for EVV arise?
    • How does an EVV System Works?
    • Checklist for Agencies to Become EVV Compliant
    • What if Home Care Agencies Don’t Comply with the Federal Government Mandates?
    • How Agencies Delivering Personal Care Get EVV Compliance?
    • Leveraging Technology to Manage the EVV Mandate!
    • Medicaid Claims Rejection: Causes
    • Why use CareSmartz360 as your EVV Compliance Partner?

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