How is EVV Currently Being Used?

Current Use of EVV

The Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solution is mandatory for in-home care providers. The use of EVV in home care has been a tremendous game-changer, since December 2013–when it was brought to life.

The EVV software for home care verifies many factors, like:

  • Service location
  • Service date
  • Service type
  • The specified person providing such service
  • Service terms commencement & end dates

It would perhaps be interesting to know that EVV was first used as a technology for landline telephony. It was used to record any ‘call time’ wherein one would call the client’s home (both inbound and outbound). Most people still rely on this method.

But since we have more intelligent devices out there these days, like smartphones, it’s now easier to do as much as others are doing and verify their visits that way (by GPS phone location, etc.).

Others use PCs and tablets for EVV purposes.

There are other great uses out there, such as triangulation of calls for cell service (mostly in a non-smartphone). Did you know that was an option on the list? Well, it sure is!

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