Georgia EVV Update – Get Compliant Before July 1

Georgia EVV Update- Get Compliant Before July 1

As per the 21st Century Cures Act, it is mandatory for Home Care agencies to become EVV compliant for smooth Medicaid billing.

What is EVV deadline in Georgia?

Agencies operating in Georgia are permitted to become compliant before July 01, 2021.

Why is this important?

In order to become compliant, the agencies providing home care have to adhere to the State rules. If you are running a non-medical home care agency in the United States, it is important because:

  • It will help in avoiding rejections of Medicaid reimbursements.
  • It will prevent termination of Medicaid program.
  • Preventing suspension or denial of sanctions.

As Georgia has an “Open Model”, home care agencies can choose any EVV provider of their choice as per their requirements and needs. But, before choosing an EVV solution for your business, make sure to take some time to test the home care management software. Choosing the latest software would help in the holistic growth of business.

No matter the type of service, home care service or personal care service, becoming EVV compliant is necessary. Not only because it will help you in keeping a track of data but will also give you more control on the caregiver and their activities.

Benefits of EVV

EVV automates the gathering of service information by capturing time, care plan information, and attendance entered by home care service provider at the point of care.

  • It gives care coordinators an access to service delivery information in real-time.
  • Reduces fraud in payment and billing process.
  • Electronically verifies the type of service performed, date of service, and the beginning and end time.

As a home care agency, it is advisable to complete all the testing and other processes involved with the aggregator Tellus. Also, stay updated with the latest information and features of home care software.

CareSmartz360 is ideal as it is a cloud-based, HIPPA compliant home care software that provides stellar support to agencies. It will help in integrating billing, payroll, HR, and scheduling. The software is embedded with EVV/EDI systems that make the operations and functionality of services easy and smooth.

How will EVV/EDI benefit your business?

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange allows you to send and receive data at a lower cost. It also offers other benefits like avoiding delays in processing claims, preventing claim denials, cutting out on wasteful administrative costs, and providing quick, and error-free transfer of data.

What you need to do?

For an easy workflow, use EVV compliant home care software that is integrated with smart capabilities. CareSmartz360 would no doubt be a great choice. If you are looking forward to becoming compliant before the deadline, contact us. We are just a click away.

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