Are there any Post-EVV Implementation Challenges Faced by Home Care Businesses?

Post EVV Implementation Challenges

The EVV system for home care makes its own leaps and bounds when it comes to changing today’s home care for the better. And many have already asked the following about it:

  • What are the latest post-EVV implementation challenges seen?
  • Of these, what are the major challenges faced by home care businesses themselves?
  • Can implementing EVV in homecare business, be more of a blessing or a burden?

It’s quite fascinating to note that many state of Washington home care businesses, for instance, have already expressed their opinions, whether orally or in writing, on many challenges they’ve already come across. They’ve likewise presented each of these three major questions, along with a few others. They have sent their feedback to the Dept. of Social and Health Services, located in Olympia, WA, addressing Congressmen and Congresswomen on these matters. (Source:

Some of the challenges were quite thorough and showed a lot of thought, but let’s break them down more simply…..

Additional things to keep in mind here

Change in communication style and structure, all in all, will perhaps be the first and foremost major challenge posed. And for both care recipients and staff workers alike, communication is key to everything, so it’s important you get the new framework “just right”. Anything can take its time to get properly adjusted to, at first, and that’s to be expected.

As you go from paper to electronic, for instance, keep this in mind. And don’t forget to voice any questions or concerns, frequently, until you adjust on your end. Also, be sure to transition smoothly and not too rapidly either.

Non-compliance penalties, of course, are another challenge that many states have already faced and few dare to enjoy the mention of. But it’s worth noting, still, no less. Many states have paid the price dearly, on some aspects of this.

The overall vulnerability factor is truly amazing in the midst of all this, to say the very least, and it seems no state is truly invincible. This is a challenge that many have presented and hoped would not remain for much longer, especially when thinking “long term”.

Another challenge that pops up often amidst these types of agencies would be that of knowing, and further remembering (and informing your team on) the overall value that proper onsite training can hold. On this note, the more your staff is prepared, the better. One cannot overstate this challenge alone….


Getting those hands-on workshops and live seminars “just right” can be a challenge of its own. Yet it can be done. Proper planning is key, which, by the way, is still yet another challenge for others.

The notion of “an invasion of privacy”, on the part of the EVV, which some would hold is a very real challenge and the threat is something that needs to be further explored in the months and years to come as well. It’s truly a hotly dividing issue, which must be trodden on quite gently and carefully.

The fact of the matter is this: It’s a challenge to get all minds to agree on anything. And that’s just simple nature. With EVV, some see “better fraud protection”, and others see “less privacy given”.

So do remember to communicate effectively and often. Engage in invaluable onsite training and lastly, plan accordingly! If the issues are still popping up due to a technical glitch, you may need to give a thorough consideration of utilizing the capabilities of an advanced home care software with EVV.

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