How to Implement EVV? Types of EVV Technology…

Types of EVV Technology

Electronic Visit Verification system that was earlier conceived as a technology to aid a few businesses, is now a part of nation-wide mandate to help enhance and ensure the required care needed by a patient. Since then, states are formulating ways to integrate EVV into the administrative systems and helping home care businesses and private-duty agencies with its implementation.

Implementing EVV in Home Care Business

The law has required all home care agencies who provide services for clients who are participating in a federally funded program must implement an EVV system into their operations. Every state will participate in the EVV program but it will be up to the State to determine who the program will be managed. Let’s take Texas for example. Texas has partnered with Vesta to manage all EVV data. If you are in Texas and a provider of Medicaid via HHCS or PCS, you will send your EVV reporting to Vesta for all of your claims management needs.

There are four different models by which many states have implemented policies and procedures for how they engage EVV locally, including the Provider Choice Model, the MCO Choice Model, the State Choice Model, and the Open Vendor Model.

Each home care agency can choose its own vendor with the first option for implementation. With the second, Managed State Organizations make that call, based on state standards and more. With the third choice, the state’s Medicaid does the choosing. And last but not least, with the Open Vendor Model, a more hybrid option is set in place, as states, home care agencies, and MCOs alike get to decide together. Every state home care department and home care association can help you determine the model selected by your state.

Types of Technology to Manage EVV

There are several. They include mobile apps, TVV (or telephony visit verification), FVV (fixed visit verification), web-based timesheets, and so much more…the sky is literally the limit when it comes to these. A wise decision is the one when the care agency seeks professional help for implementing the most-advanced EVV system to an existing software in use or go for a feature-rich home care business software embedded with EVV.

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