Give the Gift of Support to Caregivers this Christmas & New Year

It’s that time of the year. Reindeers are on their way, and we can hear the bells jingling- it’s Christmas!

The holidays are a time of joy. Family members and friends celebrate and enjoy the traditions passed down from generation to generation. Seniors are excited to exchange gifts, prepare holiday meals, and reminisce, bringing them joy and comfort.

But, holiday blues are real and experienced by many seniors. Older adults often wish to travel and join holiday gatherings, which means that the caregiver has to keep them safe and in good health. Caregivers for the elderly have to exercise utmost caution while restricting them from holiday travel and participation.

While in-home caregivers provide the best possible care to the elderly, they experience added stress during the holiday season. Fixed schedules and the inability to join the fun can make that time of the year difficult and may lead to caregiver burnout.

Nearly 7 out of 10 caregivers say it is emotionally stressful to care for seniors during the holiday season.


The best gift you can give your caregivers is the gift of support to express your gratitude for the care they provide. Family members can assist caregivers with their schedules, as senior caregiving can get hard at the best of times. It gets even more challenging around the holidays.

Caregivers for seniors also need a little time for themselves to decompressin order toreturn to work with renewed enthusiasm. But, extra duties may make it hard for them to care for themselves.

Stepping into the caregiver’s shoes to offer exceptional care during the holiday season will be appreciated tremendously.

Family members can assist caregivers by taking over for a period of time, like an afternoon, so that they can enjoy the holidays with their friends. Knowing that the family is taking the initiative and they have a “care partner” can significantly boost the caregiver’s morale.

Some ways to give the gift of support to the caregiver this Christmas and New Year’s are:

  • Take a duty off the caregiver’s list:
    A little help can go a long way in appreciating the caregiver and keeping them happy this holiday season. Offer to clean up or volunteer to take the older adult for a walk in the afternoon. All these activities can relieve the caregiver and show that you care.
  • Surprise them with a Gift:
    Brighten the caregiver’s day and make them feel valued during the holiday season. Consider your caregiver’s likes and surprise them with gift cards, food deliveries, or novelty items.
    Being thoughtful goes a long way in making Christmas cheerful.
  • Create an Unforgettable Experience:
    Plan a holiday party and create a fun and memorable experience. Consider planning a cooking class, a virtual-art workshop, or hosting a holiday craft workshop that families can participate in using household items. You can also implement a holiday bonus to thank the caregivers, which will alleviate the financial crunch.
  • Make it Personal:
    Write a handwritten message for your in-home caregivers. Regardless of your household celebrations, a personalized thank you message to the caregiver can be greatly appreciated. This small effort will show how special their assistance has been to you in your challenging times and how valuable caregivers have been in your life.

In Summary

These ideas will help you spread cheer and bring smiles to the people who provide exceptional non-medical senior care. While a caregiver’s care should be on your list all year round, if you’ve not been able to thank them, consider practicing these strategies as you move into the new year. After all, caregivers are indeed the heart of this industry.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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