How Technology can Benefit your Home Care Business?

Benefit of Technology in Home care Business

2020 has been a turbulent year for the home care industry, but it has pulled itself up from the ashes and is coming out of it in a whole new light especially from the prospective clients and potential partners.

The industry has come into the spotlight which seems to grow brighter with each passing day. The recent announcement of $400 Billion funds for the home care industry under President Biden’s infrastructure package is an example of the home care industry’s potential rise in the advancing years. The government’s plan of investing in the home care business exhibits that the benefits of home care are long-established. Home care is a platform that extends care to our elderly, honors our parents, and grandparents with the opportunity to age in place and provide full access to the least restrictive health care environment.

Beating the Odds

As per the 2020 survey conducted with the Home Health Care News, 74 % of the home care organizations report that they have to re-think their virtual technology needs because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the hardships, the home care industry has absorbed all the blows and survived. Apart from the challenges of keeping up with the pace of change in the industry due to the deadly virus, home care agencies have been facing several other challenges such as lack of job satisfaction, retaining caregivers, poor management, lack of adequate infrastructure, coordination, inter-professional cooperation, and payment models.

For home care agencies to stay in the competition, they need to overcome the above-listed challenges and upgrade their business with innovative and advance software. The agencies need to adopt software that benefits not only their business but also the clients and caregivers. Have a look at how home care software can benefit your agency in a long run:

Keeping up with the Invoicing and Payments

It gets overwhelming to keep the agency compliant with the billing and documentation regularly, so to prevent all the manual hustle, the agencies need to adopt a home care software which records the total billable hours and prepares the invoices accordingly. A home care software provides:

  • Easy access to the total invoices issued, total payments received, invoiced amounts and the payment amount from the clients.
  • Easy revision of invoices.

Efficient Scheduling

With the use of software, agencies can advise the caregivers of their tasks on a day-to-day basis. This helps reduce scheduling time by 70%. Home care software provides a platform to schedule shifts. The software also notifies the agency in real time about any missing shifts. With the software, home care agencies can manage different tasks at a time. It also:

  • Gives an immediate update on the status of an assigned task.
  • Saves time by creating schedules in just a few minutes.
  • Helps in assigning the tasks immediately.
  • Prevents duplication of work, which saves time and effort.

Comprehensive Reporting

This is the most important section that the home care agencies look to, i.e. knowing the location and the time of the care providers. Manually, it is not possible to track clients and the caregivers, which is why home care businesses need home care software as it helps with reporting for every aspect of your business. It assists in:

  • Deriving valuable reports of schedules, shifts and the times.
  • Reports on operational information of caregiver pay rates.
  • Generating marketing reports.
  • Reports on client-specific payments, calculations, client balance due and invoice summaries.
  • Insights about clock-in, clock-out in the form of EVV i.e. electronic visit verification system.
  • Obtaining specific reports for various areas of the business.

The software assists with overall smart reporting for home care businesses.

Updating Compliance, Certifications

Compliance is an ongoing process. It can even be intimidating with the addition of more caregivers to the agency. So, to keep the process of maintaining compliance and certifications less tiring, home care software is essential. With the use of software, home care businesses can:

  • Upload all the compliance certifications and licenses in one place.
  • Record and update the employment history when necessary.
  • Record and upload all educational qualifications of the caregivers.

The software allows the companies to keep all the data in one easily accessible place, making coordination simpler and more efficient.

Recording, Updating Personal Information

Agencies do not need to maintain manual records of caregivers and clients. A home care software assists in:

  • Recording and accessing all information related to the caregivers like their availability, expertise, and so on.

Using homecare software will reduce the burdens of home care agencies by 50%. Everything from hiring, payroll, scheduling and assigning a task will be done from one source-Home Care software.

Agencies that are looking for a complete software that serves as a one-stop solution for all services, CareSmartz360 would be a great choice. CareSmartz360 provides clients with piece of mind, knowing that they can rely on the agency.

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